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      Costco pizza is possibly the best pizza i have ever had. Not only does it taste amazing, there’s a little window where you can stare into the souls of the workers while they make your pizza! Sometimes I wonder if they get uncomfortable by all the toddlers breathing on the glass, watching them as if they’re zoo animals. Personally, I’d love that job.

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      Hi. nice talking to you, feggy.

      Yes, I agree. Costco Pizza is the best “all-around” pizza. The only thing I don’t like about it is the dining experience. So, I go to New York & Italian-style pizza restaurants. And I put anchovies on top.

      Having said that, yes, Costco pizza is a guaranteed good meal.

      I believe a lot of workers like people looking at them. I think the same psychology applies to the checkout ladies who wear low-cut shirts to show their cleavage. They know they get stared at, they pick their shirts carefully, and they must enjoy the attention. 🙂

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        Haha, maybe they do and we’ll never know

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