Thanksgiving Gourmet Turkey Brine


I love this. I’ve been making my own brine mixes for decades and thought I’d give this one a try about 3 years ago. You use 2 cups of brine to 1 gallon of water. You add the brine to boiling water to re hydrate the fruit etc. It call’s for an additional gallon of water after the brine has cooled to cover the turkey. I use a mix of ice and water.

It has a real smooth blend, nothing is over powering. As I am not usually a fan of spices; cinnamon, cloves of the sorts in my savory food. This is perfect. I love doing one roasted oven turkey and the other smoked. There is always a huge debate on to brine or not. To me its simple, you want a moist turkey, brining helps and adds flavor to the meat. I additionally add butter, garlic and herbs under the skin before cooking. Happy Thanksgiving. Give it a try.

Inside/Out Italian Chicken Cordon Bleu-ish w/sides From Costco Ingredients

Here is the finished product with gnocchi, marinara and roasted cauliflower all in store items at Costco.

To Go Prep Meals

Purchased Items you must try. Was pretty easy pulling out the prosciutto and the parmesan cheese wrap rounds. Gnocchi takes 5 min to pan sear and the cauliflower took around 20 min at 365.

The basics of my recipe I created for the Costco purchased items. A little less carbs than traditional.


SUPER Bowl Snacks For All

Cauliflower Bites: have no discrimination at multiple parties. Absolutely everyone of all ages have loved them. I’ve had noses snubbed, and then eyebrows turned UP after the first bite. Children to 80+ year old’s couldn’t get enough.

Mix Sriracha, mayonnaise and ranch together to a consistency of dipping sauce to your taste. I found the older they are the more sriracha.

New Zucchini Spirals

It is frozen in single nest bundles. I tried them last night with Costco chicken tender’s w/ my own Marsala sauce. You should try them. It takes a lot of work out of making your own as I do. I also bought a bag of fresh zucchini, it is within pounds of each other and dollars. Only suggestion is to cook them at a higher heat with lid cracked to release steam. I will try this next time.

You pan sear on one side, get’s a little brown and flip. Cut larger pieces in half to cook evenly.

Happy New Year!
This traditional Indian savory item was given to us by a customer and my husband can’t remember the name of it, but all we know is it is fantastic with a spicy kick made from cream of wheat.
Bon Appetite
Sonoma gourmet Ogranic Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce served with Bonterra Organic Cabernet Sauvignon
This was over boneless chicken thighs I seasoned and seared. Finished in the oven with sauce, onions, (love the bagged) peeled garlic along with Costco Parm.

We used roasted spaghetti squash as a low carb alternative. Organic frozen peas from Costco are nice and sweet.
The wine was good, I don’t usually drink a cab but this was light enough to pair it with.
Prepped to reheat leftovers next night for a drop in guest. The pasta sauce is the right consistency, no sugar added-thank you!

Nutritional facts: 6 servings per container, serving size 1/2 cup for 2.5 calories, 0 fat, O Cholesterol, 440 mg Sodium, 9g carb, 3g sugar-noted Og added sugar.
Homemade Soap, yes you can. Ingredients from Costco is a plus for the $$
San Francisco Bay Coffee used to make “Coffee Mocha soap” the good old fashion way.
Coffee/Cacao infused in available organic- coconut oil, MTC coconut oil, olive oil and also Avocado oil is a real good buy here not just for food, skin care products as well.