Costco Cart Cam – Sep 22, 22

Costco Shopping – September 22, 2022

Costco Cart Cam is here!

Oh God, what a waste of time this is. Hahaha.. but this is fun. Costco shopping is fun, and learning video is fun. This is my first try, and I am learning as I go. I try to spend as little time as possible. So my video will be sloppy and choppy. I can make better videos if I get paid. But, I am a grown man with a grown man’s job. I refuse to spend too much time on YouTube.

I spent $240.65. Instant savings saved $27.90

About the 5 cans of European Cookies – I buy these cookies and enjoy them every weekend until the next Christmas season. This is my ritual, and I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now.

Talk to you later.

Then I saw the videos

Hi, I am doing very well. I still have the same job that I work from home since the pandemic. And I haven’t caught Covid yet! I am here and I will keep in touch. Below is a quick chit-chat.


Like any other teenager, music was a big part of my life when I was young. I still enjoy music every day.

Back then, there was a time when music videos were rare. MTV was new, and they mostly played pop songs such as Prince and Madonna.

I loved below two songs (among others). I listened to them hundreds of times when I was young. I even felt “exclusive” that I was listening to imported European stuff.

Many years later, I finally saw the videos on YouTube.

I wish I had never seen these videos. I still like these songs a lot. But the videos are horrible (suck). They look cheesy and cheap. I was shocked and confused. It would have been better if I didn’t see these videos.

Steve Winwood – While You See A Chance

Modern Talking – Geronimo’s Cadillac