Terrified – The Weekend of Horror

I was at my computer desk in the living room with the front door opened. I like to open my front door so I can feel the cool, fresh air. It was a beautiful Saturday.

I heard some bird chirping close by. Soon, one bird flew into my apartment. It flew right by my head and flew into my bedroom.

I get scared when I see a bee. Last week a lizard came into my living room and I almost passed out. So, a bird flying in my apartment was terrifying.

My neighbor, an old lady, told me that a smaller bird was being chased by a crow. The bird flew into my apartment to hide, and the crow almost followed in as well.

I grabbed a broom and slowly looked for the bird. It was terrifying. I finally found the bird. I used the broom to chase the bird away, but that backfired. This time I really lost the bird. Now I didn’t even know if the bird was in my apartment or not.

So, I left the door opened… and I fell asleep on the couch.

The old lady’s granddaughter (early teen) woke me from the nap. She asked me to look for the bird again that she would like to keep the bird for herself. And I found the bird inside the bedroom. Oh my God, it was disgusting. The bird grew bigger while I was taking a nap!!

Soon, my neighbor with her granddaughter came into my bedroom, and we shut the door behind us. The bird was flying in my bedroom. This was a nightmare. At one point both the granddaughter and I screamed like a little girl. Then the girl saw me screaming like a girl and started to laugh.

Finally, the grandmother caught the bird with her bare hands. I think she’s got pecked by the bird – she screamed in pain. After a quick photoshoot, she released the bird. I saw the bird reuniting with the family.

I came back home and washed my hands like there was no tomorrow.

PS. The next day my neighbor told me she faked being pecked by the bird to scare me even more.

Update: Next day, Sunday morning.

My other neighbor invited me for a Sunday breakfast. I told her about the bird incident and we had a big laugh. Then I saw my neighbor’s cat. She was playing with what appeared to be a toy lizard.

“Please tell me that is a toy lizard,” I begged to my neighbor. “Oh! not again,” she complained, and she picked up the lizard with her bare hand. With her bare hand!!

I almost lost my breakfast right there. Too much man… too much in one weekend.

Look at that evil face…

Did you notice those two animals have the same facial expression? As if they shared a note…

That’s the same cat from the October 2011 blog.