Costco Shopping – June 15, 2012
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I had a lot of staple items to buy today.

Shaving gels will last about 2 years, maybe more. Toothbrushes will last 18 months. Pancake mix will last about 2 years. Laundry detergent will last a little less than 2 years. Olive oils will last over a year. Dish wash detergent will last about a year.

Coupons and instant rebates saved me $13.75.

** Don’t buy Crest Pro Health Mouthwash **
Read my blog on July 1, 2012 for more information


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Costco Shopping – February 3, 2012
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I went to Costco on February 3, 2012. 

Kirkland Signature Black T-shirts – (4 pack) $15.99
Kirkland Signature’s black t-shirts are back. I bought these T-shirts at my Costco shopping on July 24, 2010. They were $12.99 for 4 packs back then. Now they are $15.99. I’ve been wearing these T-shirts every day at work for the last year and a half. I wanted to buy some more. I was happy to see those black t-shirts.

I should have bought the butter at a supermarket. That’s a lot of butter. They will last 2-3 years.

I bought a pack of computer papers, Doritos, Coffee, soaps, eggs…

It was a good shopping experience. Good time.

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I bought a Vitamix blender (5200) and I feel very positive. Vitamix is a heavy-duty blender that will crush and liquefy the entire fruit (seeds, skin, and all).

There was a Vitamix roadshow yesterday at Costco. I picked up Vitamix model 5200 for $394.99. I am happy with my purchase. I saved $55.00 plus $25.00 shipping.

I wanted a Vitamix blender for some time. I’ve been making juice every weekday for the last 4-5 years. That’s roughly 1200 days of juicing, 2 juices a day, totaling 2400 juices. But all this time there was something that didn’t make sense to me. I throw out a lot of pulp every morning. I thought I should eat the pulp and throw out the juice. My common sense told me that pulp must have more nutritional value than juice.

With Vitamix, there is no pulp to throw out. Pulp will get crushed & get liquefied. So, from this point, I will buy 60%, maybe 75% fewer fruits and vegetables than I used to. I will no longer buy 25 Pound bags of carrots. I figured the machine will pay for itself in 1 year or less. So, if you have a large family and juice every day? Vitamix will save you a lot of money.

But, money aside, I believe Vitamix is much healthier than juice.

Vitamix 5200c Vs 5200
Costco model, 5200c, is the best price you can pay for Vitamix Blender. It has the same powerful motor. It will work just as same as any other Vitamix Blenders. The only difference is that it comes with a smaller container. And it has a different finish on switches.


Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving Day
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FYI: Costco Wholesale will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, 2011.

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Costco to Raise Membership Fee
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Costco Wholesale Corp. said it is raising membership fees for about 22 million customers, as the largest U.S. warehouse club operator seeks to offset rising costs.

The 10% increase in membership fees, going into effect next month, may help offset the disappointing operating margin the company showed in the latest quarter. Operating margin shrank to 2.7% from 2.9% amid double-digit increases in merchandise and overhead costs on a percentage basis.


John’s Note:

If you are a regular member, your membership will be $55.00/year. Executive members will pay $110.00/year.

I am keeping my membership.

Costco Shopping – September 27, 2011, Chocolates of The World
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Costco shopping – September 27, 2011. 

Chocolates of the World is back. I bought 5 jugs last year. I still have one fresh jug left. So, this time I bought 3 jugs.

I also bought 2 cans of Christmas Cookies (Belgian Cookies). I wanted to buy 1 more can, but I don’t have money.

Other than that, everything else I bought was good (healthy) item.

Costco was packed with Christmas stuff. We are in full swing now.

I went to Costco during my lunchtime. I didn’t have time for a hot dog. Also, I try not to eat meat on weekdays. I try to keep in shape.

As I was getting ready to leave Costco, I saw an old lady at the parking lot, trying to load her trunk with heavy items. So, I stopped & got out of my car. I said, “Let me help you. Pretty young thing like you….” “I am 84”, she said with laughter. I loaded her trunk as we made small talk. Soon after, I took her empty cart and told her to drive carefully.