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Costco relaxes my soul.

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  • Hi, I am John. I started this Costco blog in 2008 and never stopped blogging. I represent single people living alone. (about me)
  • The goal of my blog is to kill time and share love. And, I love Costco, so I talk about Costco a lot. I truly believe Costco adds value to my life.
  • I became a homeowner 11 yrs ago and I enjoy being alone in my 3-bedroom house. It’s so much fun. If you are alone and lonely, keep in touch. I will share my positive energy.
  • If you hate Costco for its long lines, you probably hate your family members for eating too slow. Enjoy your family. Enjoy Costco. The lines aren’t that bad, really.
  • Let me know if you would like to write a Costco blog here with me. I think commenting on my blog is one way of writing a blog with me because we have a conversation.
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