Copy Your Keys at Costco with Minute Key

This is why Costco shopping is exciting. You don’t know what you will see next.

Minute Key is here – you can copy your home/office keys on the spot. 

  • You cannot copy car keys or any other funky looking keys (obviously)
  • You only get to copy 1 key per order. If you order 3 copies, that means you will get 3 copies of 1 key. You don’t get the chance to switch to the next key.
  • You must pay more if you want the key with design (pictures)
  • The cheapest copy is 1 key for $1.49
  • I bought the value pack – 3 keys for $3.00
  • My copy works fine! I am happy with the result.

Costco Key Copy, Minute Key

Deep Thoughts

Lying to a boyfriend “I am pregnant” has to be illegal. That happened to me three times in the past. I tell ya, it can really mess up a person. Horrible, horrible thing to do…

Happy Labor Day 2011

Happy Labor Day, everyone.

I don’t work physical labor. But I can use a long weekend. I’ve been putting so much over-time that I’ve been totally wiped out for several weeks now. I can use some sleep.

I was home alone for the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, I ate baby back rib and ribeye steak.

I listened to a lot of Christmas music this weekend. I burned Christmas candles and watched Polar Express. Polar Express is a relatively new movie, but it quickly became my favorite Christmas movie. 

It’s 2 am Labor Day (Monday) morning. Summer is unofficially over. I have a door opened right now. There is a hint of winter in the air. It’s crisp and cold. I’m going to bed now.

Costco will be closed for Labor Day. I wonder if Bed Bath and Beyond will be opened. I was home alone for 2 days straight. I want to drive around a little.

Good night~


PS. I thought about opening a account. I’ll think about it later.

Costco (Christmas) Shopping – August 21 & 27, 2011

I’ve been busy. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at work lately. I hope that means I will have a better paycheck next time. I’ve been making very little money. I had to take out $5.000.00 from my savings account so I can survive.

I went to Costco on August 21st and 27th (2011).

Costco stocked yet another kind of coffee grinder for $29.99. This Krups burr coffee grinder easily goes for $60-70 elsewhere. 

Costco’s Krups Coffee Grinder has mixed online reviews. But, I gave it a chance.

Update 2021 – This coffee grinder died in 20201. It lasted 10 years.

Costco LED Santa Claus

And I bought some other stuff.

But what’s important is that it’s Christmas time at Costco. If you like Christmas as I do, this may be the time to make a list.

I bought a toy helicopter for my nephew. And I bought a small LED Santa figurine for my desk at work. The figurines come in 4 designs; Santa, snowman, penguin, & angel.  3 AA batteries power 3 LED lights. Nihm batteries last about 100 hours.

I took the LED Santa home, turn off all the lights at my APT, and turned on the Santa. That moment officially marked my Christmas season. 

Times are tough. I am putting in a lot of overtime with no promise of money. But I am mentally relaxed and feel happy. It’s Christmas time. Nothing else matters.

This year, I would like to bring happy feelings to my neighbors.

Costco Bicycle – Northrock

Check this out. This is my new Costco bicycle.

  • I replaced the seat.
  • I installed a rear-view mirror.
  • I have iPod Touch speakers in front. It also holds my camera & keys.
  • I put my sunglasses under the seat.

I am aware this shape is supposed to be for girls. But I like this model. It’s very practical with access space in front. Who cares what other people say? OK, you are better than me. See ya~!!

I am having a lot of fun with my new bicycle. I ride to a local park and play backboard (tennis). It gives me 45-50 minutes of light aerobic workout. I sling a tennis racquet on my back (like a guitar). This is more entertaining than I imagined. I just need to be very careful.

Also, as I ride around the town, I get to meet people. 

We have a really attractive neighbor. She’s a lean blond, kind of rock band groupie type. She was surprised to see me on a bicycle. She gave me a hug for the first time. That hug paid for my bicycle.

Also, I met another neighbor – she also complimented my bicycle and my outfit. NO, I do not wear tights. I wear my regular running outfit I bought from Costco. She invited me to visit her sometime. She also gave me a hug.

I may be residentially challenged. But, ah~! the beauty of living in an apartment complex. 

Anyway, the bicycle is fun, and it’s good for me. Money well spent.

I need to keep reminding myself to be very careful when I ride. (fingers crossed).