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Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

* Related Story: 2009 Rebate (& lost credit card).

Last year, 2009, I received $36.20 rebate from Costco, American Express card.

So, I have committed myself to use American Express card exclusively for 1 year to see how much rebate I was going to receive.

1 year flew by so fast.

Check it out.

When I pay Verizon for my Fios service, I use Costco American Express card.  And I get $1+ rebate.  I made $13 this way.  Of course, I realize that I am giving up my privacy by consolidating all my financial activities in one credit card.  I guess American Express is benefitting much more by selling information about me.

*Notice I only spent $601.38 on gas for entire year.

Costco American Express card rebate

Re: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

My check is for $1624.69. And I always cash it...if you use it to pay for something at Costco, you are forgoing the rewards on what you are buying!
Not only is it free money, it is tax-free free money :-)

Re: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

Ah~! shoot, I see what you mean.
It's too late for me this year. I used the rebate check at Costco.


Thank you very much for the tip. Next year...

Re: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

I love Costco. My current rebate is over $900!
I have a 10 year old rebate check for $49.
It was attached to the last page, at the bottom, remember in the old days?
I was told to check at a certain website for unclaimed checks in 180 days, about six months, and haven't seen anything yet.
I can't remember the website. Can anyone help???

Re: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

The first thing you should do is report your missing credit card to the card issuer as soon as you notice the card is missing. Don’t wait a day or even a minute. When you contact your creditor, you should have the following: * your account number * the date you noticed your card was missing * the date and amount of your last purchase, if known. Free Credit

Re: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

Don't forget, its the best rebate system available. You don't have to spend the rebate check. Just walk up to the manager and tell them you want cash and they cash it for you right in the store!
$1200 this year for me..
What is the max you can get back?

Re: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

I am going to buy the laptop in the coupon flyer for $899 today with my Amex bonus check. This year we had a "small" check-- over $1400. My wife uses the card for corporate travel. We use it everywhere else we can. It's a great deal!

Re: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

WHAT~!!?? $1400 ?
That's like free money.
Good for you.

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