Happy Valentine’s Day 2011 / Sign of Getting Old


(Also a sign of getting old)

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I hated Valentine’s Day all my life because it’s so stressful. It’s the day that society created so people would spend money.

Then I thought about it… if you are stressed, then something is wrong. So what if Valentine’s Day is commercialized? I can spend a small amount of money and have fun. The secret is to have a date (spouse) who shares the same lifestyle. Then there should be no stress.

I went to Ralphs and spent very little money. I bought just one stem of a rose for $5.99. I also bought chocolate and a card. I think I spent less than $15.00 in total. I didn’t go to any fancy store. There was no stress.

Oh, I don’t have a vase. So, I had to keep the rose in the coffee pot.

Happy Valentine’s Day.