Heart-Shaped Macarons in Costco to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Costco locations in the US Northeast region are carrying heart-shaped macarons.

  • Authentic French Recipe
  • Made in France
  • Naturally Gluten Free
  • Exclusive to Costco
  • Item Number: 1596806
  • Dual-Flavor Pack: Chocolate and Raspberry & Vanilla
  • Piece Count: 20 pieces per pack
  • Located in the Refrigerated Deli section
  • Currently selling in the Northeastern states, Midwestern states, as well as southern California, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Puerto Rico.
Costco Shopping – January, 21 2022

1st Costco Shopping in 2022 – $204.32 / $204.32 this year
Instant savings saved $35.50

I used to go to Costco 5 times a month. But, since the pandemic, I go to Costco less than once a month. I don’t know what I’m doing with my blog anymore. Mm.. anyway, we shall see.

I had a growing Costco shopping list. Also, I didn’t want to miss out on this month’s savings. I saved $35.50 from this month’s member-only savings. I bought some vitamins and supplements. And I got SPAMs.

Kirkland Signature Shampoo:
I still couldn’t find Kirkland Signature shampoo. I think they’ve been absent from my warehouse for a year or longer. At least they are now available online. I shall order one today. I will pay $3 for shipping. It’s still a very good price.

Irish Spring Soaps:
I have a nagging feeling these soaps will be on sale in a few weeks. As I said before (Nov 12, 2021), you don’t always see Irish Spring soap in Costco. In fact, you rarely see Irish Spring soaps. I usually see these soaps when they are on sale. After that, they would disappear for several months or for over a year (or longer).

I saw Irish Spring soaps today and noticed that they no longer say “Originals” on the packaging, but it reads “Original Clean”. They have changed the formula, and now each soap is 0.5 oz bigger. I hope I will like the new soap.

New Irish Spring soap at costco

After my Costco shopping, I bought a hot dog and a Cold Brew Mocha Freeze (with chocolate). The straws for the drinks were back. They no longer had sippy cup lids for the drinks. But they still didn’t have onion cranks. I parked my car in a partially shaded area and ate a hot dog. At home, nobody at my work noticed I took a long break. What the heck, so I took a nap. Zzz…

CELEBRITY CHEF Martin Yan – New COSTCO Item – General Tso’s Chicken

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“If Yan can cook, so can you!” was Chef Martin Yan’s famous tagline from his PBS show for over 30 years.

Now Chef Martin Yan has released a new in-store line called “M.Y. Asia Kitchen”. It’s sold in the refrigerated section and available now in all Costco locations in the Bay Area and the Northeastern states.

Chef Martin Yan is even going to make in-store appearances this week in several Bay Area Costco store locations…

  • 01-20-2022 – 11:00am – 5:00pm
    450 10th street San Francisco, CA. 94103
  • 01-21-2022 – 1:00pm – 7:00pm
    451 S. Airport Blvd. S. San Francisco, CA. 94080
  • 01-22-2022 – 11:00am – 5:00pm
    1600 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA. 94080
  • 01-27-2022 – 11:00am – 5:00pm
    2800 Independence Drive Livermore, CA. 94550
  • 01-28-2022 – 1:00pm – 7:00pm
    300 Vintage Way Novato, CA. 94945

His first recipe is General Tso’s Chicken. While General Tso’s Chicken is traditionally deep-fried, Chef Martin Yan has created this sauce recipe to pair with tender pieces of marinated chicken breast to appeal to the more health-conscious and curious consumer. The result is a magically sweet, tangy, and mildly spicy dish that is made with traditional ingredients such as hoisin sauce, pineapple, ginger, chili garlic sauce, and seasoned rice vinegar.

The dish also boasts the following:
28 grams of protein per serving
Chicken raised without antibiotics
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors
Fully cooked chicken
Refrigerated shelf-life of up to 75 days Ready-to-eat in just 5 minutes

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Chef Martin Yan’s Website

America’s Got Talent: My favorite show to fast forward

I assume America’s Got Talent is a highly rated TV show. I don’t have a live TV package, and I don’t always subscribe to Hulu. I catch up on AGT whenever I activate Hulu, It’s a fun show.

AGT is the show that I fast forward the most. They put a minimum of 30 minutes of commercials in the 2-hour show. So, I squeeze the heck out of the fast-forward button. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to watch the entire 2-hour show.

Now, set the timer for 15 minutes…

  • I skip commercials, fillers, and background stories.
  • I skip bad acts that’s supposed to be funny.
  • I skip child acts – 5 years old kids doing Tango, etc..
  • I skip mind-reader acts. The guy who predicts everything. He knows what you are thinking, etc.. they are all the same.
  • I skip community choir groups. A bunch of people sharing love and singing. I guarantee Judges will love them, because NBC will not invite that many people just to X them out. But, I press FF as soon as I see a sea of people on the stage.
  • I skip musical acts made up of family members. (mother and son heavy metal band, husband and wife duet, etc… )
  • I skip ventriloquist acts.
  • I skip animal acts.
  • I skip any acts if the contestants are annoying from the get-go.
  • I skip hip hop dance groups.
  • I never watch the result show.
  • I don’t care to know who won.
Absolutely adorable. But, I skip child acts, too. Sorry.

I don’t know why I even watch AGT. But, sometimes I catch some super fun acts such as Shin Lim and Double Dragon. That’s my kind of entertainment.

America’s Got Talent is a fun show to watch for 15 minutes – thank God for the FF button.

Double Dragon

My Vitamix Routine

I bought a Vitamix 5200 mixer 10 years ago at Costco. (10 years and 1 month as of now)

Since then, I’ve been using it twice a day for the last 10 years without stopping.

Without a doubt, Vitamix is the best purchase I made from Costco. This is possibly the most beneficial product I own in my life. Vitamix is expensive. And you don’t have to buy a Vitamix blender. You can buy any cheaper blender. You just need to use it every day. You need to replace junk food with fruits and vegetables.

Below is my 10 years old Vitamix routine.

To me, the blender is a chore. I don’t enjoy the taste. It takes a short time to fill my stomach with fruits and vegetables. I gulp it down fast, clean up, and move on with my life. I do it fast and cheaply. I don’t make Vitamix juice to sit down and savor the moment.

Sorry, the video is painfully long. This was my first time editing a video. Maybe I’ll get better the next time.

In real life, I make Vitamix juice and make coffee at the same time. I would have two timers going. It gets busy.

I am not a scientist, and I refused to pretend to be one (by looking up). I blindly trust that my green mix is better than most breakfasts that people eat. I blindly trust that having one of these before eating dinner is what’s keeping my weight down.

Buy at Costco.com

Vitamix blender container close up
December 2021 Catch Up

I don’t feel sentimental about reaching the end of the year. I am very busy at work. I don’t have time to pause and look back. My visitors know I enjoy every day of my life in my own boring way. Life is good when you are alive and not too close to death. Let me put this in a mathematical equation below…

Younger = Better

I work for a multi-billion dollar retail industry. We sell. So I am busy during the holiday season. It gets stressful, but it’s not too bad. I just don’t have time for my blog.

So, again, I will throw in a quick chit-chat to keep my blog fresh. I will stay true to myself and talk about some boring stuff.

First, this was how it looked on Christmas day. I tried to fix my Christmas lights (garland)… and Christmas was over. See how sad that looks? I never got to fix that garland. I’ll have to buy a new one next year. This Christmas came fast as usual, but this year I made some Christmas memories.

Below is a picture of my medicine cabinet in the master bathroom.

  • I always keep acne pads. I rarely get pimples, but when I need it, I need it ASAP.
  • I use sand timer every day when I use mouthwash. (1 minute)
  • I use soap and brush when I shave, but only on weekend. The pink baby cup holds the shaving soap. I bought that cup at my female coworker’s garage sale. I was looking for a cup for my shaving soap. And it works perfectly. Then I realized that… She must think I’m creepy that I bought the cup that she used when she was a baby. It is weird. What was I thinking??
  • I use some fancy hair care products. After Party hair milk makes my hair silky. I use Aveda jell if I want my hair extra curly. I rarely use those products now that I work from home.
  • TheraBreath is my go-to mouthwash. I always worry that I may have bath breath and not aware of it. So, I use a fancy mouthwash every morning.
  • The deodorant is unscented. You know I am particular about smell & fragrances.
  • Aftershave lotion is almost unscented.
  • I never use the dentist picks.


  • I currently pay $6.99/Mo for television services. And I invested $24k in 401K & HSA this year.
  • I am 163 pounds now. Somebody send me some diet pills.

I am here and doing well. I am just busy. I will keep in touch. Happy new year~!!

Holiday Greetings – 2021

I dreamed about impressing everyone by playing like a pro.. but every time I turn on the video, it’s a disaster. This is as good as it could get. This year I am determined to play guitar for my visitors as a Christmas gift. I don’t care if I make mistakes. My visitors know I do everything mediocre and I’m proud of it.

My prediction for the year 2022? It will be yet another boring year with the same routines and same Costco shopping. Yes, the good time will continue, I wish. Boring is the best.

Keep in touch. Good times. Happy holidays~!!!