Costco Executive Member Reward Check, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive your check according to your membership schedule. I happen to receive them on January.

Costco give 2% rebate checks to Costco executive members.

Costco’s regular membership fee is $60.00/yr. Executive membership is $120.00/yr. In order for my executive membership to pay for itself, I need to receive $60.00 in rebate check. This year I received $91.31. So, my executive membership paid for itself and I was rewarded $41.31 on top of it. It paid to be an executive member at Costco this year. Last year was a different story. Last year, my reward check didn’t quite cover my executive membership. It was short by $1.42.

Quick math: 2% of $5,000.00 is $100.00

Keep in mind, what I received is a reward check from Costco. If you have a Citi Visa card, you will also receive a Citi Visa reward check. I receive these on February, but you may be on different schedule.

Costco executive member reward rebate check
Costco executive member 2% rebate check for 2018 purchases
(received January 2019)
Costco executive member 2% rebate check for 2017 purchases
(received January 2018)
Costco executive member 2% rebate check for 2013 purchases.
(received January 2014)

You will receive your reward gift certificate according to your membership renewal date. (Read more from Costco)

The Reward is issued approximately 3 months prior to the member’s renewal date in a Renewal Statement.

2 items returned to Costco

On November 15, 2018, I bought a Circulon roaster with rack (Item #1153595) for my friend. But it was too big for her oven.

I returned Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant (Costco item #1678543). The package said “No artificial fragrance”. So, I thought they were unscented. But, they do have “Natural” smell. I looked at the package at home and saw there was a scratch and smell patch. So, I scratched and smelled. It smelled very good. It smelled like a clean and fresh armpit. That’s a Nono for me.

I have a strong opinion about smell of personal care products. I wrote a blog about it 10 years ago.

I went online and looked up Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants. It was highly rated. People loved the product.. and they loved the smell. That’s my problem, the smell. I don’t want my deodorant to smell. I don’t care how good it smells. At the end of the day, people know they are smelling my armpits. I prefer no smell over great smell of armpits.

I prefer no smell over great smell of a dead mouse. I prefer no smell over great smell of horse manure, cat litter. etc… no smell is the best in many cases.

How come people don’t seem to agree with me on this? Am I that crazy and different? Over the years, multiple female friends complimented about natural smell of my body. Some wrote me about it. Some took my worn undershirt after a long day together. We all smell different. Our unique scent will attract opposite sex (or same sex) in intimate settings. I don’t want to smell like a product that millions of other people put on their arm pits. To me, that’s disgusting to think about.

Anyway, these smelly deodorants had to go. I am back searching for unscented ones.

Costco Shopping – January 8, 2019

1st Costco shopping in 2019 – $223.96 (today) / $ 204.26 (this year)
1 item returned On Jan 11 ($19.70)

Novaform Evencor Gel-Plus 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Queen. Costco item #8816226. $109.99 (after $30.00 savings).

I have a guest bedroom that I call it “the nap room”. I take nap in my nap room almost every Sunday afternoon. I truly enjoy and treasure my nap time there. My Sunday nap is very satisfying and enjoyable. I often wonder why I get such amazing sleep in my nap room while sleeping in my master bedroom is just OK.

In my nap room, I have a memory foam mattress topper. It was given by my friend. I thought maybe a mattress topper in my master bedroom will improve quality of my sleep. So, I bought a mattress topper for master bedroom. I shall try and find out

Weider Prime Testosterone Support (Costco Item #886740) was intriguing to me. Since Costco is selling them I thought it was worth of trying. I am pretty healthy that I really don’t need “help”. But I am not a spring chicken. At this stage of my life, $23 for 2 month supply is cheap if it does fraction of what it claims to do for me. I will try and update you.

Protein bar & granola bars are for work (6 month supply).

My job requires brain power and concentration. I am afraid to stop taking Focus Factor. But, I plan to take less or stop taking them and monitor my work performance.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant (Costco item #1678543) looked promising. I’ve been searching for unscented deodorant. I desperately needed some decent UNSCENTED deodorant.

Two pairs of boots I cannot wear (for now).

Happy new year. I’m gonna continue with my boring stories. My visitors tend to enjoy reading about my boring life, so…

These two pairs of Italian boots are Christmas gift from me to me. But, I cannot wear them for now.

I work at a large company with 700-800 employees, and some of my colleagues follow my shoes. Some guys like to talk to me about shoes. They ask me about how I go about shopping for shoes. I didn’t think much of it at first. Then I realized that they were trying to tap in to my brain so they could buy the same shoes when I buy them. At least they are trying to emulate my style.

There is one particular guy at work… one day I caught him searching for my purple Chelsea boots. “I will find your boots. I like them. I will find them and buy them.” He said.

Luckily, he couldn’t find my boots. But, this forever changed how I share information at work. Now I don’t wear anything that is currently available to purchase, so I don’t play twinsies with annoying mofos. I will only wear these boots after they are completely out of season and completely sold out. It will be about a month. I can wait.

Costco Coupons: Jan 2 – Jan 27, 2019

Happy new year.

View Member-Only Savings – 1/2/19 – 1/27/19 at Costco website

Coupon special starts Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

As expected on a new year, I see a lot of vitamins… a LOT of vitamins. So we never have to eat right and exercise. God bless America.

Last year I reduced my vitamin intake to half. For example, I take vitamin E every 3 days (skip 2 days). I completely stopped taking vitamin C. I also cut some vitamin pills in halves.

I am no professional, but I started to believe, as normal Americans with normal diet, we don’t have to take too many vitamins.

Costco Shopping – December 28, 2018

56th Costco shopping in 2018 – $18.33 (today) / $5006.37 (this year)
The last Costco shopping of the year 2018

Happy new year.

I am doing good and physically healthy. But, I’ve been busy lately that I missed out on a lot of Thanksgiving and Christmas experiences. I didn’t have time to update my blog often enough.

I barely had time to bake turkey for Thanksgiving. I didn’t have time to make some side dishes. I still have ingredients for candied yam and green bean casserole.

My turkey came out amazing and it was still enjoyable.

I decorated my work cubicle with Christmas. But I didn’t have a time to decorate my house.

For Christmas, my friend and I planned to repeat last year’s Christmas experience. We were supposed to take that same silly picture again, without showing my belly this time. We also had Saturday & Sunday plan to eat out, visit 2 Christmas Lanes, and bake cookies at my house. But, she caught cold that turned out to be bronchitis. So, we cancelled our entire Christmas plan. I visited her briefly on Christmas eve for dinner. But, there was no turkey, no ham.

I am little depressed that Christmas is now in the past. But I still have one last chance. I shall make ham dinner on New Year’s Eve weekend. I will make candied yam, green bean casserole, and split pea soup afterwards.

This is my last Costco shopping of the year.

Costco Shopping – December 24, 2018

55th Costco shopping in 2018 – $366.79 (today) / $4988.04 (this year)

Before Ring and Nest, similar alarm system would cost $1,000 or more. Consumers didn’t know where to go to buy such alarm systems. We purchased alarm systems from professional alarm service providers. Installation was about $1,000.00 or more. And they hid the fact that the alarm system can call any number such as our own cellular phones. They made it seem like the system only works when they were professionally monitored. So, we paid hundreds of Dollars every year for monitoring service.

Now, with Ring Security system. Consumers can have a better alarm system for less money. And it will not require monthly service. You can purchase monitoring services if you wish.

This Ring security system was Christmas gift for myself. I think this is my last Costco shopping of the year.

Merry Christmas

Costco Shopping – December 19, 2018

54th Costco shopping in 2018 – $33.68 (today) / $4621.25 (this year)

I bought a box of Christmas cards in 2009 at Costco (blog). I still have the box with 5 cards left. So, I am literally using this box of card for over a decade. It is bitter-sweet to look back at my blog from 2019.

Today I bought a box of 40 beautiful Christmas cards for $7.97. When I’m done with these cards, I will be in my 60’s (if I’m still alive). Imagine that.

Bag of Doritos was for my coworker who loves Doritos. He was very happy to see this bag on his desk. I told him NOT to share with anyone. I told him to take it home and enjoy it alone – which he did.

Costco Shopping – November 15, 2018

51st Costco shopping in 2018 – $165.32 (today) / $4,492.87 (this year)

It was a big Costco shopping day today because: 1) I am trying to fill my new refrigerator.  2) I need to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and 3) I was feeling down after what happened to my old refrigerator.  I wanted to cheer myself up.

I bought a turkey roasting rack for my friend (early Christmas gift).

Maybe it has something to do with me living alone, maybe because I was poor all my life, maybe we all feel this way – anyway, it made me feel good and secured now that I have some decent food in my refrigerator.  I still need to get some steaks and vacuum freeze them.  I also need some good frozen fish.  I always keep my refrigerator full with decent food. It’s a satisfying feeling.

I eat like a vegetarian Monday to Friday.  But, during the the weekend I eat whatever I want.. a lot of Moo-Moo’s and Oink-Oink’s.

Honey Roasted Nut Mix is SOOO good.

Costco’s Major Appliance Delivery Process

I bought a refrigerator from Costco. Below is delivery process.

  • When I ordered from online – The website asked for my delivery address and phone number.
    • I made sure to leave them my cellular phone number, so I would receive the call when I’m at work.
  • 2 days before delivery – I received an email from Costco.  The email contained a phone number just in case if I need to change my delivery date.  The email said that I would receive a phone call that would tell me the delivery window.
  • 1 day before delivery – They called me around 4:30PM.  It was an automated message informing me that my delivery window is between 7am – 11am.  It also said that they would call me around 30 minutes before arriving at my house.
  • Day of the delivery – They came to my house at 9am, but without calling me 30 minutes before-hand.
    • They hauled my old refrigerator & installed a new one with water line in about 30-45 minutes

My delivery process was smooth and painless.  People were pleasant. I hope your experience will be as pleasant as mine.

Final note: Appliance delivery can be a nightmare if your delivery people are young, inexperienced, and don’t give a dang. I think I was little lucky.

Buying a Refrigerator 2018 – Costco Shopping #50

50th Costco shopping in 2018 – $1,051.04 (today) / $4.327.55 (this year)

My refrigerator died at the worst possible time, while I was on 7 day vacation.

When I came back home from the vacation, inside of my freezer was in room temperature.  All my food had to be trashed.  I always keep my freezer full with rib-eye steaks, jumbo shrimps, fish, bacon, etc, etc…   But it’s OK.  It happens.  Refrigerator dies. What can I do?

Luckily, before taking trip, I took out the ice bucket and turned off the ice machine, so I didn’t have any water damage on the kitchen floor.

Yes, I actually thought about “What if my refrigerator dies while I’m away for seven days?”  I also shut off the main water supply to my house just in case there is a water leak in the house.

Shopping for a refrigerator.

My criteria for a new refrigerator:

  • Find the cheapest full size unit.  I refuse to buy expensive refrigerator, because refrigerators die.  I don’t believe in paying $500 to fix a 10 years old refrigerator.  I will pay $500 more and buy a new one with current technology.
  • Find a unit with good reviews.
  • I like side by side refrigerators.  I don’t like freezer on top.  I don’t like freezer on the bottom.  I don’t like French door.  People with different life-style prefer different door configurations, so side by side refrigerators may not work for you.  Personally, I cannot imagine myself bending over every single time I use a freezer.  As a single man, I freeze a lot of food.  I use both freezer and refrigerator equally.  I must have a side by side unit.
  • I like stainless steel – I understand stainless steel will show fingerprints.  But, I never touch my refrigerator except for the handles.  It will be my pleasure to clean the face of my refrigerator once in a while (with Windex – according to Martha Stewart).  Stainless steel will look the best in my kitchen.

I spent several hours researching refrigerators.

And, guess what?  Costco has the best price on refrigerators.

Basically, price on refrigerators is almost universal.  You can buy from anywhere and you will pay similar.  But, there are distinctive advantages on buying from Costco.  They are:

  • Costco is slightly cheaper – pretty much on all units.
  • You get Costco cash back reward from your purchase.
  • (In my case) I get 2 years warranty, extended by Costco, instead of usual 1 year warranty from any other stores.
  • They haul away my old unit for free – some may charge $20 – $25 for this.
  • They will hook up water line for free – some may charge extra for this.

*If you are in a hurry – relax and just buy from Costco.

I ordered GE 25.4 CuFt Side-By-Side Refrigerator in Stainless Steel.  Total price was $1,051.04

I hope delivery process will be smooth. I will update you.

Personal Update – November 2018

HI.  I am doing good.  Sorry, I’ve been busy.  But, I am here.  I’ll be back on my blog soon.

Perhaps some of you are following my Instagram and have some idea what I’ve been doing.  Below is a quick personal update.

  • I went to New Orleans for 5 day and ate a lot – went to Costco there.
  • I visited Chicago for 3 days – ate pizza, hot dog, deli sandwich. I drove on Lake Shore Drive, and visited Costco there.
  • I visited Battle Creek, Michigan for 3 days.  I love Michigan.  I visited Costco in Kalamazoo.
  • I visited Michael Jackson’s childhood house in Gary Indiana. I was emotional. I cried.
    • And visited Costco there.
  • After Chicago – Michigan trip, I came home and found out that my refrigerator was dead. All my good food had to be trashed (oh well).  The refrigerator is back on for now.  I am currently shopping for a new refrigerator at  I am trying to get through this with a smile.

I am doing good and physically well.  Christmas is coming.  I cannot believe 1 year has passed already.  I try to enjoy every moment I am awake.

I’ll be back.  Please keep in touch.