hulu for 99¢ a month – 10 months or less for me

Today is the last day to subscribe to Hulu (with ad) for 99¢ per month for a year. This is a special Black Friday deal. I get to pay 99¢ every month for the next 12 months. This deal is only available for new or returning customers. In order to be classified as a “returning customer”, I had to cancel Hulu for 30 days or longer. So, I will cancel my service 2 months before Thanksgiving 2024. That way, on the next year’s Black Friday, I will be at “returning customer” status again. (keep reading below)

If Hulu doesn’t bring back the Black Friday special next year? I will not miss them a bit. Screw them. My money is more important than watching TV.

TV has its place. TV can be valuable to people. I would subscribe to more TV services if I were retired or immobile and my only enjoyment (reason for living) is watching TV. But, if you are young, trying to make something out of your life (make money, start a business, learn skills, be better…), then TV is a disease you need to avoid.

Anyway, I have Hulu now. I shall catch up on The Conners, Bob’s Burgers, To Catch a Smuggler, etc.. I leave the TV as a background while I work from home. Good times…