Better Than Costco (?) – SimpleHuman Trash Can

I love Costco. I honestly believe Costco is the best store in history, period.

But, I never stop shopping around. I am poor, and I am savvy.

Costco cannot beat all retail stores and their super sales. Sometimes some other stores will have better deals than Costco. So, it’s up to us consumers to keep our eyes open and maximize buying power.

Here is one example

Costco sells a 35L trash can by Simplehuman.  It also comes with a bonus “mini” trash can. Costco’s price is $79.99

Below is the trash can I bought a few months ago from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

I bought a 30L trash can by Simplehuman, it came with a bonus “mini” trash can. The retail price was $39.99. With a 20% coupon, my final price was $31.99. (Remember. Bed Bath & Beyond takes expired coupons, so keep collecting those coupons.)

So, I bought a similar trash can made by the same company. But I paid less than 60% of what I would have paid at Costco.