Hot Sauce. Really Hot Sauce

Finally, I found a hot sauce that meets and exceeds my expectation.

I like spicy food. When I go to a Thai restaurant, I say “Extra, extra hot, please” Then I say “Remember, I said extra twice”. Sometimes I say “Give me Thai spicy, Not American spicy”

Typical hao sauces such as Tabasco, Valentina, Tapatio, for the general population. I don’t find them remotely spicy. Spicy food lovers agree with me.

I accidentally found this, Blair’s After Death Sauce, at Cost Plus World Market. After Death is too hot for me, so I have to put a few drops of this in some other hot sauce such as Tapatio.

Blair’s After Death comes with a skull key chain. I am excited that I found this hot sauce.

 Blair's After Death Hot Sauce