Golden Island Jerky

Company website:

Have you tried jerkies by Golden Island? I see them occasionally at Costco. I usually see one flavor at a time. They sell jerkies with exotic & unique flavors such as Kung Pao Beef & Korean Barbecue Pork. They are tender and rich in flavor.

Their jerkies are handcrafted in small batches – according to their website. 

I wondered about how they tasted. Then I received these samples. I can’t describe the taste with words – but they are all very nice. My favorite is Kung Pao beef. If I see them at Costco I will buy some.

Most jerkies in the market have a similar taste. They have a common theme going on. But, Golden Island sells jerkies with unique tastes that if I have a craving for Kung Pao beef, there will be no substitute for it.

If you are a jerky lover who likes Asian & ethnic taste, these may be a special treat for you. You can see them occasionally at Costco.

Look below for pictures and my quick reviews on each product.

Grilled Barbecue – Although I enjoyed it, this tasted more “Common” to me.

Korean Barbeque (Pork) – Very nice and exotic (different)

Sriracha (pork) – Very nice and exotic (different)

Kung Pao (Beef) – Perhaps my favorite of them all. It’s exotic, spicy (not very spicy), and has a rich ethnic taste. Look at all that peppers. It doesn’t taste like anything I’ve tasted before. I liked it a lot. I want some more.

Product Review – Water Ridge Kitchen Faucet

February 1, 2015 – after 2 weeks of use.

  • This kitchen faucet by Water Ridge is good for what you pay ($78.99). The pull-out feature & spray features function OK. Installation was easy. It works for me, but this is not for rich people.
  • Money to value score: 91%
  • Satisfaction score: 89%
  • Regret score: 0%
  • Complaints: (The faucet is good overall. I’m just being picky).
    • The faucet feels lighter than it should. It doesn’t feel solid, heavy, and expensive. You may even say it feels (somewhat) flimsy.
    • It lacks precision in water flow control. Control is OK/good, but not great. I bet expensive faucets provide better control (precision).
    • I cannot use the spray at low flow.
    • It comes with 1 sinkhole cover. But, I can see many people would need the second sinkhole cover.
  • Rich men score: I would buy a better faucet if I made $250K / year
  • I don’t understand the bad reviews – maybe I have a low standard? Or maybe I need to give it more time? we’ll have to wait and see. So far, I am happy with it. My kitchen looks better. I enjoy my time in the kitchen more.

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) Costco kitchen faucet

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) kitchen faucet

Ruta Maya® Organic Cubita® Coffee Dark Roast – Better than Starbucks

This is official. Cubita coffee is far better than Starbucks French Roast. This is my personal opinion, so do not trust me 100% or get angry at me. But I cannot drink Starbucks anymore. It’s that good. Honestly.

As far as I’m concern, I will no longer purchase Starbucks French Roast. I have finally found a replacement for Starbucks French Roast. Unfortunately, I’ll have to spend more money. For that, I learned to make less coffee. I used to make 2.5 cups of coffee every day. Now I make 2 cups of coffee every day. 

(Below is my older post from a week ago )


I’ve been searching for the coffee that will replace Starbucks for a few years.

One of my visitors informed me about Ruta Maya® Organic Cubita® Coffee. You can only buy them from the Costco website, not at the warehouse. Amazon also sells them, but they are very expensive there.

This coffee is excellent.  It’s strong and smooth (not bitter). Starbucks French Roast is bitter.


Fruit and Nut Medley

I try to eat healthy. So, instead of candy, I try to eat Fruit & Nut Medley by Kirkland Signature. 

Fruit and nut Kirkland

Fruit and Nut Medley comes in a 56oz bag for $12.28

It contains the following food items.

  • Peanuts
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Apples
  • Kiwi
  • Mangoes
  • Papaya
  • Pineapples
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Cherries
  • Golden Raisins

It’s Kirkland Signature (good quality food) I enjoy them too much.

2 Pancake Mixes – Regular & Fancy

Costco carries 2 pancake mixes.

  • Coach’s Oats – MultiGrain Pancake Mix
    4 pound – $7.79     $1.95 per pound
    Fancy grains, need to mix egg & water.
  • Krusteaz – Buttermilk
    10 pound – $5.49    $0.55 per pound
    Regular mix (still very good) – just add water.
  • Syrup used – Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup – $19.79

costco pancake mix
2 pancake mixes from Costco

I didn’t know which pancake mix to purchase, so I got them both. But I had a higher expectation on the expensive yet smaller pancake mix by Coach’s Oats. Per pound, the MultiGrain Pancake Mix was 4 times more expensive than Buttermilk.

Krusteaz Buttermilk (cheaper, bigger one) has a classic pancake house taste. This is a solid, good pancake mix.

Coach’s Multigrain Pancake mix is different. You may find this too fancy for your taste. I can tell this pancake mix is a high class with a lot of grain. It’s grainy and breaks down easily. This doesn’t have that classic taste. It’s a very good pancake mix.  It’s richer and fancier compared to Buttermilk. But if you crave that classic pancake-house taste, this is not for you. 

Personally, I am happy I got them both. My next purchase will be the Krusteaz. I like the price, taste, and that it doesn’t require an egg to prepare.