Costco Citi Credit Card Reward 2021
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I received my Citi credit card reward certificate via email. I received it via email because I signed up for paperless statements. Some of you may receive the certificates in paper form via USPS mail.

They distribute Citi reward certificates after your February statements are closed. You should receive yours by March.

I also found the certificate on the Citi Credit Card mobile APP.

My reward certificate amount for this year is considerably less than usual because:

  1. I spent less money last year – I gave away over $10,000.00 last year because of the pandemic. People around me were running out of money.
  2. I’ve been using Fidelity Reward Visa Card along with Costco Citi Visa. If you have Fidelity for your retirement, check out their reward credit card. It’s pretty good.

If you have issues or questions regarding Costco Citi Credit Card Reward Certificate, please visit your Citi credit card web account.

Redeeming is easy! Simply print or present this email at any U.S. Costco warehouse, including Puerto Rico, on or before December 31, 2021, to redeem your certificate for merchandise or cash. You can also present your certificate via the Citi Mobile® App.

For details about your credit card reward certificate, go to your Rewards Details page in the Citi Mobile App, Citi® Online, or call us at 1-877-419-4002 (TTY/TDD: 1-866-210-0617 for hearing and speech impaired services only).

Costco Citi Credit Card Reward Certificate 2021
Costco Citi Credit Card Reward Certificate - mobile APP 2021
Citi APP
Costco Citi Credit Card Reward Certificate 2020
Costco Citi Visa Reward Certificate 2019
Costco Citi Credit Card Reward Certificate 2019
Costco Citi Credit Card Reward Certificate 2018

Redemption Terms and Conditions

  • For full details see the Costco Cash Rewards Program Terms.
  • Annual credit card reward certificate is redeemable through December of the year issued in a single transaction at any U.S. Costco warehouse, including Puerto Rico, for merchandise or cash.
  • Request for cash may be fulfilled in an alternative form (e.g a check or electronic transfer), at Costco’s discretion.
  • Only the primary cardmember is eligible to receive the annual credit card reward certificate; however, you or anyone you authorize may redeem the certificate as long as you or the authorized individual has a valid Costco membership.
  • Should you choose to redeem only a portion of the credit card reward certificate for merchandise, you will receive the remaining balance in cash or alternative form (e.g. check or electronic transfer), at Costco’s discretion.
  • You must have a valid Costco membership at the time of redemption.
Costco Hot Dog During The Pandemic
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I am listening: Jane Morgan – Fascination (1957)
She’s still alive (96 yrs old). Got her Walk of Fame Star in 2011 (vid)

Thank you for the hot dog donation.

First, at the Costco food court, they blocked the condiments and drink area with two folding tables. Instead, a Costco employee was there to hand out the condiments. She handed me containers of catchup and mustard. I asked if there were onion and relish. She said no. Straws were not available as well. But now we have lids with narrow openings, kind of like a baby sippy cup, that we can drink soda without a straw. The new lid worked out pretty well. It’s a brilliant idea to adapt to the new Covid world.

All orders were to-go only. They took away all the tables from the food court. So, you either eat in the car or take the food home.

I’ve been craving Costco hot dogs for a long time. So, today I bought a pack of Costco Dinner Franks and the buns. Now I can enjoy Costco hotdog at home. I made two hot dogs so far. They were excellent. I think it’s a little odd that a pack of Costco Dinner Franks contains 14 wieners when most buns come in 12.

Lastly: The Costco food court now requires a membership card to make a purchase. I also noticed that my food court receipt now shows my membership number. Some warehouses have food courts located outdoor by the parking lot that non-members could purchase food without the membership. Now non-members cannot enjoy Costco food court anymore. I have mixed feelings about this. A lot of poor people used Costco food court without the membership. Yes, the food court is for the members only. But they are poor people. I know how it feels. It makes me want to cry.

Costco hot dog receipt – February 4, 2021
Membership number placed above
Costco hot dog receipt – March 10, 2020
No membership number


Costco Shopping – February 4, 2021
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4th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $210.74 today / $492.76 this year

Members-only savings saved $62.30

I went to Costco at 6:30 PM when it was dark and getting late. There was no line to get in. It was a pleasant shopping experience. I almost forgot we are in the pandemic. I had a long shopping list. I took my time and shopped for over an hour.

I always buy Doritos when I see them on sale because they are so good. But I shouldn’t eat too much of these. These bags are huge, but if I open the bag, I usually finish the entire bag in a week. It’s very addictive and tasty that I cannot stop eating. So, I promised myself that I will not buy another bag of Doritos this year. That’s it. I am done with Doritos for at least 10 months – hopefully forever.

I picked up 2 bags of frozen salmon. I always buy them when they are on sale. I saved $10.00 right there. These fishes are “guaranteed good meal”.

Wings, chips, salsa, and pizza were all for Super Bowl Sunday.

Costco Shopping February 2021

Cat litters are Valentines Day gift for my friend’s cats.

When I was picking up 2 rotisserie chickens, one lady far away yelled, “Would you like a bag?”. “Are you talking to me?” I yelled back. Then I realized that there were no plastic bags around me. “Oh, thank you, thank you. You make my day,” I said. She saw me and noticed I didn’t have bags close by. It confused me a little. Is she always that nice to people? Or did she want to get to know me more? I can never figure these things out. That’s why I live alone. Anyway, she told me to be safe, and we exchanged blessings.

After shopping, I ate a hot dog for the first time in 11 months. Thank you for the hot dog donation. Yum.

It was a pleasant shopping experience. It reminded me of the old-time when Costco shopping was extremely joyous.

Costco Shopping – February 4, 2021
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3rd Costco Shopping in 2021 – $52.54 today / $282.02 this year

I ordered some Valentine’s Day flowers.

There is no effort here. I feel bad that I am sending somebody flowers in this manner. I remember Valentine’s Day 10 years ago when I was poor. I only spent $15 on Valentine’s Day. For that Valentine’s Gift, I went to three different stores. I wrote a card. It was exciting and fun. I felt happy and satisfied.

Now, I don’t put any effort. It’s Valentine’s Day, so I ordered some flowers. I took care of it with money. I don’t feel excited like I did before. There was no warm feeling.

My God, I have become that person. I need to fix this. Not just for Valentine’s Day, but I need to fix how I deal with my life altogether. I didn’t realize how much I changed until now. I shall bring back the magic that I had 10 years ago. I shall put conscious effort on bringing back the magic. My life has improved.. so life should be even more exciting.

Costco Shopping – February 1, 2021
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2nd Costco Shopping in 2021 – $122.24 today / $229.48 this year

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy 8″ Tab A from Costco website.

I have a 9 year old iPad that’s becoming obsolete. I did a quick price check and Costco had the best price on an 8″ Galaxy A. After using the iPad for 9 years, I wanted a smaller tablet. I got the silver one.

Visit Costco – Samsung Galaxy Tabs

I have a desktop computer, a notebook computer, and a smartphone. Having all those, I still feel the need for a tablet. Tablet often comes in handy, for example, when I’m in the kitchen. Also, when I watch TV, I often check the web for more information. When I do, I will not stop watching TV and walk over to my computer. Instead, I would pick up a mobile device. And I refuse to look at a tiny screen like a savage. I may not really need a tablet, but

Apple products are too expensive for me. So, I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any Apple product until my retirement is taken care of (minimum $2 Million in savings). So, I may never buy another Apple product in my life. There is nothing wrong if you buy and enjoy Apple products. We have different financial priorities – that’s all. For example, I spend more money on Italian leather than most people spend on iPhones and iPads.

My iPad looks brand new, although it’s 9 years old. I hope this cheaper tablet will last 9 years, hopefully, longer.

Good Prices on SSD Drives
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1st Costco Shopping in 2021 – $107.24 today / $107.24 this year

I see some good prices on portable SSD (Solid State Drives) at Costco website.

Costco usually don’t have the best deals on computer stuff. But… I’ve been saying it from my past experience. Maybe things have changed. I need to pay attention to Costco’s computer products. 1TB portable SSD for $100 is pretty good (free shipping). And it’s backed by Costco. I couldn’t find a better deal on this. So, I ordered one. Check it out. Keywords: Portable SSD

All Costco Photo Centers (at the warehouses) to Close
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Photo Centers will close, but most photo services will be available online.

All Costco photo centers at the warehouses will close on February 14, 2021. Online services will remain available.

Personally, this will not affect me much. I am fine with their new concept. Their online services will provide everything I need for my photography needs, and more.

Costco’s photo center website will be fully functioning. From there, you can order prints, posters, greeting cards, special prints, photo books, photo gifts, business-related prints, etc… Costco provides high-quality photo products. When I was an active photographer, Costco was my main source for prints. The pictures looked just like the ones I printed at professional photo labs.

Services no longer available will be ink refill, passport photos, photo restoration, and movie transfer service.

luxe Khaki pants
Passport photo – September 24, 2008
Passport photo receipt – January 17, 2018

*If you are sending a print job to Costco digitally – you might want to turn off the “Auto-Correct” feature from the Costco website user interface. You should only use Auto-Correct if you are absolutely clueless about photography.

Costco Shopping – December 28, 2020
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I have a high expectation for Kirkland Signature 680 thread count 6-piece sheet set (#1306090). After $20 manufacturer’s savings, these queen-size sets are $49.99 each. That’s a really good price. Just a fitted sheet in this quality can be over $100 at a department store, maybe $75 on sale. I need more time to try these, but they look and feel (super) high class. I am picky when it comes to bedding materials, and this 680 thread count cotton is silky smooth that they shine. If you are a flannel person you are missing out. These cotton sheets will improve (feel better, smoother) as you wash more. If you want to experience how rich people sleep, try these sheets – and put a fluffy down blanket on top.

Hampton Farms peanuts were not good. I had these peanuts last month and they were excellent. But this time they were bad. They are thin, dark, and bitter. Maybe November is a good month for peanuts, and not December. I will try again in November 2021.

Irish Spring soaps were on sale, but it was not on the coupon book. Although Costco always carries Irish Spring soaps, these soaps are not available on the Costco website (as of Jan 1, 2021). So, keep that in mind. If you go to the Costco warehouse, look around for staple items. Buy them if they are on sale.

Dishwashing scrubbers, toothbrushes, and razor blades are staple items. I already have enough of them to last a year. But, since they were on sale, I bought them and added them to long term storage. Now I’m good for 2+ years.

And there are two mystery supplements I bought, Focus Factor and Testosterone Support. I don’t know if they work or not. I take them because I am afraid I may lose my edge. They pay me big bucks for what I do at work. Many people spend hundreds of hours on big sales projects. It’s my job to take those projects, turn them into web pages, and publish them on the website (usually at midnight). I am the last in line for these projects, and I desperately need to maintain my focus. Maybe I don’t need any of these pills. Mm.. I’ll think about this later.

Coupon saved $62.30. Happy new year.

Costco Shopping – December 16, 2020
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I was getting the second dose of the shingles vaccine at Costco. So, I took a half-day off from work (sick day). I like it when I get paid to go to Costco. I wore a mask and rubber gloves. The Covid-19 pandemic is at its worst yet. Over 3,0000 people die in America every single day. This is scary. Please be careful.

60 years old or older policy

Today, Costco was enforcing the 9-10 am 60 years old or older policy. Sometimes there aren’t many people in the warehouse and young people are allowed to shop early. I was perfectly fine waiting outside. As I say all the time, I pay tax and follow the rules. The weather was pleasant outside with a clear blue sky. Soon, it was 10 AM. The line to get into the warehouse was very long.

Shingles Vaccine

I get injections (vaccines) from Costco occasionally. They do an impressive job, I barely feel the needle. But, this time… I could feel the needle cutting through the meat of my shoulder. I felt the sharp poking, and I bled. I bled enough that he had to wipe it off twice. It was not painful, but one might say otherwise. I was not angry. It was all good. But, I thought he should know that he was not very good at his job. Of course, I didn’t say anything to him. “Thank you. You suck. Happy holidays.”

FYI: In most cases, you will feel miserable after a shingles shot. It’s not horribly bad, but you might want to take a day off from work the next day. I had a body ache, fever, and.. just miserable and sick. I worked from home, I clocked in, but I didn’t do any work. I was just miserable.

Toilet Paper

I put my flannel shirt back on and grabbed my shopping cart. It was comforting to see plenty of toilet papers. People were grabbing them up left and right, but there was plenty for everyone.

Kirkland Signature Spiral Ham

Kirkland Signature spiral ham was on top of my shopping list. This is a must buy. I don’t have much to say here. Is it Christmas time? then get this ham from Costco. Smallest Honey Baked Ham is about $60 and it goes up from there. My 10.3 pounds ham was $29.77. It comes with the glaze mix. I like my ham glazed.

Kirkland Signature Frozen Shrimps (21/25)

Jumbo shrimps were on sale – so I bought 2 packs. I wanted to get one more bag, but I didn’t have space in my freezer. These are huge shrimps (21-25 count per pound). Keep your Costco membership guys.. these are crazy good stuff. Two bags will last me about a year. It’s tough to have good food at home and not enjoy them every day. But, I have a priority in my daily diet. I will make them last a year.

32 Degrees Heat long sleeve shirts

32 degrees heat long sleeve shirts were on sale ($11.99 for 2-pack). It was the best price I could find anywhere. They are also available on the Costco website for $1 more ($12.99 for 2-pack), which is still a very good price. So I bought 3. I have a few of these long sleeve shirts. I work from home, and I needed more of these. My arms get cold when I work from home. These shirts work for me. Now I don’t have to turn on the heater as often. I saved $9 with instant savings. And I will also save on my electric and gas bills.

The Cheesecake Factory, Original Cheesecake

The Original Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory is crazy good times for everyone, including people like me who live alone. $12.99 for a 4-pound cake is a good price for what you get (crazy good times). They are pre-sliced and divided into 12. And you keep it frozen. So, they will last a long time. This cheesecake will probably last 6-12 months. This is a single people’s insurance policy for depression. Do you feel blue and nobody loves you? Eat a slice of cheesecake and drive a convertible. Everything will be fine. Hahaha, that’s awful. But, you know what I mean.

I bought 2 bunches of flowers. They were special holiday arrangements – with pine cones and shit. My female friend has a sister who was visiting, so I would give them to both of the sisters. A big box of Cheez-It Crackers was for them as well. I tell you, guys… I should write a book about how to kiss ass.

And I bought the rest of the stuff – eggs, salad kit, spinach, carrots, and trash bags.

Below, I took pictures of my Costco shopping, moment by moment. Something is wrong with my camera. I need a new one. Hm…

Coupons saved $17.00

Happy holidays~!!! Enjoy and take care.

Costco Covid-19 Test Kit. at-home Coronavirus test by Azova
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Costco is offering Covid-19 Saliva test kit by azova.

Costco covid-19, coronavirus test kit

This is a saliva test – not a dreading nasal swab.
They are priced at $129.99 and $139.99. The $139.99 kit contains Video Observation for travelers (I don’t know exactly what that means).

Costco Covid-19, Coronavirus test kit by Azova
Available at Costco. Covid-19 test kit by Azova

This requires you to follow instruction.

  • It sounds like you need to register at and complete an assessment. Only after that you will be allowed to receive a test kit at your address.
  • Avoid collecting saliva over the weekend for shipping delay.
  • After spitting large quantity in a tube. Pack up your sample and take it to UPS store.
  • Results will be available online in a few days after they receive your package.
  • This items is FSA eligible.