Costco Combination Pizza and Onion Connection Theory

Costco doesn’t have Combination Pizza anymore. The last time I enjoyed a slice of combo pizza was right before the pandemic (Feb 19, 2020). The following year was a blur. I guess the food court was shut down(?). I don’t remember. I didn’t go to Costco because people were yelling and freaking out at Costco.

When we came to our senses, we realized that there was no more combination pizza.

Currently, there is a petition to bring back combination pizza. They want 7500 digital signatures and they will meet that number. But, I believe the combination pizza will come back regardless, but when they are ready. I have a theory.

Below is my theory. I can be wrong :

Costco’s combo pizza disappeared because of the pandemic. If there was no pandemic, Costco will not abandon our beloved combination pizza. I believe it because Costco took away the onion dispensers in the food court. It can be a safety-related reason or a supply-chain-related issue. Whatever the reason is, the onion dispensers are gone because of the pandemic.

Now – to make a combination pizza, they need various chopped vegetables, including the onion.

I believe there is an onion connection. I don’t know what’s going on, but at this moment, the pandemic and the onions don’t mix in the Costco food court.

I believe the combination pizza will come back when the onion dispensers are back in the food court. You must believe.

My God, I need to get a life.

Talk to you later.

Costco Shopping – September 23, 2021

21st Costco Shopping in 2021 – $38.46 / $2,362.80 this year

I didn’t see many Christmas items at Costco. It’s almost October, and it is highly unusual not to see the full-on Christmas display at Costco. But we live in an unusual time. I saw some Christmas items, but not a lot.

Not only that, they still didn’t have Kirkland Signature shampoo. They had conditioners, but there was no shampoo. I guess this has something to do with the pandemic and supply. I hope there is no global shortage of shampoo.

The peanut season is back. Last year, we had peanuts from Hampton Farms. This year Costco is carrying Sachs peanuts. In my experience, peanuts are good between October and November. These peanuts are good. Also, my favorite cookies are back for the season.

That’s about it. Today’s Costco shopping was not as productive. I shall come back in a few weeks.

Costco Shopping – September 9, 2021

20th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $118.65 / $2,324.34 this year

  • No! It was not Christmas time at Costco yet. I only saw one small stack (pic). It was a sad-looking Christmas display.
  • I have had a huge craving for chocolate for the last few months. So, I bought some chocolates.
  • All American Chocolate Cake is back in mini size. I tried one, and it tastes just like the original big cake.
  • Flu shot was free with insurance.
  • Kirkland Signature Cheddar Cheese is my go-to snack that I enjoy so much.
  • I bought a bag of Coache’s Oats Oatmeals 2 months ago. I almost finished this huge bag. I ate this much oatmeal because I work from home and have access to the kitchen. The pandemic changed my diet.
  • Vienna Sausage is my guilty pleasure – I always buy some at local grocery stores for about $0.70 a can. I often get a huge craving for these. Buying a case at Costco is much cheaper ($0.44 each can, 37% savings). BUT, only If I make them last a year.
  • Instant savings saved $22.40.
  • Kirkland Signature shampoo was unavailable. There were conditioners, but no shampoos. I hope I will find them on my next visit.
  • I tried Dunkin’ Donuts coffee several years ago, and I didn’t like it. But I wanted to give it one more chance. It was on sale.

Flu shot

I had a mixed experience today getting my flu shot. When I checked in, the lady said “wait 10-15 minutes”. But, I waited 40 minutes. At that point, I thought something was not right. I had to check to see if they didn’t lose my paperwork. So, I became THAT guy, asking for special attention. I finally paid for my flu shot ($0). And the shot was absolutely painless. This guy was amazing. I barely felt the needle. “Wow!, you are good!” I exclaimed.

My shingles shot last December (2020) was painful, and I bled. I could tell that pharmacist was reckless. I felt the negative energy from his core, and I didn’t like that. But today’s pharmacist was pleasant. He was careful, and I barely felt the needle. This made me think. Those two pharmacists wake up and go to work the same. They probably take home similar paychecks. But, one guy was pleasant and the other guy was negative. From now on, I shall be mindful of my attitude. I want to be like the Costco pharmacist I met today.

Thank you for the hot dog

19th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $1.64 / $2205.69 this year

Friday, August 20, 2021 – Sunny and warm. Lazy day. Still working from home.

I took a quick ride to Costco for a hot dog lunch. I didn’t go inside the warehouse.

The food court was busy. The drink station was open for everyone. Catchup, mustard, & relish dispensers were back, but there was no onion. And they still had sippy cup tops instead of straws. They cut down the number of the tables by about 75%. I was lucky that I found the only empty table.

Thank you for the hot dog donation. It’s fun killing time. Yum..

Chicken Sausages at Costco

Article submitted by a new reader of the blog, David from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

One of the things I love about Costco is that, despite being a warehouse type store, they often manage to offer multiple options for many products.  A case in point are the chicken sausages they have for sale!

I love chicken sausages.  They taste great and have less fat and cholesterol than traditional pork and beef sausages.  When I am eating chicken sausages I can at least pretend that I am eating healthy.  By the way, they are especially great when sliced thin and used as a topping for the Costco Caesar Salad!

Costco is currently offering chicken sausages from the following brands:

  • Chef Bruce Aidells
  • Amylou
  • Sabatino’s

The sausages from all of these brands are pre-cooked and ready to eat.

Aidells’ Chicken and Apple Sausage

Bruce Aidells was a pioneer in the poultry sausage marketplace.  His brand has developed a lot of different flavors and there are a ton of great recipes on the company’s website.

I have tried lots of different Aidells products and the apple flavored sausage is one of my favorites.

Chicken Sausage Costco

Amylou’s Andouille Chicken Sausage

Amylou Foods started in 1992 out of Chicago as a side business from an existing sausage shop.

Amylou has developed a lot of interesting chicken products and even has a line of chicken bacon!

The sausage they are selling at Costco is an andouille style that is being marketed as Paleo friendly.

Sabatino’s Basil and Black Pepper Chicken Sausage

Sabatino’s is based out of California and traces its food styling origins to Palermo, Italy.
The Sabatino sausage at Costco is the Paleo friendly Basil and Black pepper flavor that they feature in this amazing recipe for Keto Corndogs!

Which of These Sausages is the Best?

I wish I could tell you that Brand XYZ is the absolute best option so I could make your shopping decision easy.

However, the reality is that all of these brands are great and the flavor profiles of the sausages are so different from each other that a Head to Head taste comparison wouldn’t make any sense.

I think it would be fun to hear what other folks think about these sausages and learn which ones are their favorites!

Costco Shopping – August 13, 2021

17th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $32.16 / $2200.78 this year

Tramontina Cast Iron Skillets

I’ll have to try the product, but they are from Costco. So, I have a high expectation.

A set of Tramontina’s 2-piece Cast Iron Skillets is $29.99 with free shipping at the Costco website. The set contains 10-inch & 12-inch skillets, both with removable grips. They are pre-seasoned. FYI: I have never seen an unseasoned cast-iron skillet being sold anywhere.

Delivered by UPS in 2 working days

The shipping is free. I thought that was amazing for 2 cast iron skillets.

To be honest, I ordered these skillets mainly because I wanted to look cool. I have seen people cooking with cast iron skillets before. And they always seemed cool and deep. So, I wanted to look cool, too. I will learn how to cook with these. I shall widen my repertoire in the kitchen. I will show you…

Cast iron skillets require special attention when cleaning. I need to avoid dishwashers, avoid soap, dry them quickly, and oil them.

Order date: August 13, 2021

Costo has an ongoing relationship with Tramontina. I purchased 7 pans in the above picture at Costco. All 6 round-shaped pans bear a Tramontina stamp on the bottom. The pot on the left is a Kirkland Signature. It was $1 at a garage sale. One dollar! I’ve been enjoying that pot for over 4 years now. God bless kind-hearted rich people.

Costco Shopping – August 14, 2021

16th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $3.27 / $2168.62 this year

Mocha Freeze = Guaranteed good timez

This is my 4th Mocha Freeze in 18 days.

Since I discovered Costco’s Cold Brew Mocha Freeze, I just cannot get enough of this sweet coffee treat. I realize I need to drink less of this. Although they are much cheaper than what you get from local coffee shops, they still eat away my finance. And they hurt my diet (580 Calories). But, I had to get one on a day like this, because Cold Brew Mocha Freeze is guaranteed good timez.

It’s a sunny Saturday. I drove my convertible for fun for a few hours (with the top up – too sunny, too hot). I made the first stop at Costco and bought a Mocha Freeze for the road.

I drove through a beach town, shopped at ROSS to check out exotic spices, and ate at Popeye’s Chicken. I came home around 3 pm. I shall take a nap now. I’m having a slow and lazy weekend. I love it!

Have a nice weekend. Be safe.

Leaving Costco. Saturday lunch drive.