Costco Digital Membership APP

It says Digital Membership Card is available on the Costco app.

I followed the procedure step by step, but I couldn’t get it to work. I don’t know how to verify my membership. I logged in, but it doesn’t verify my membership. I gave up after a little try. I shall try again in a month or two.

Let me know if you got it to work.

Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Watch at Costco

23st Costco shopping in 2019 – $43.79 (today) / $1447.34 (this year)
Update: A week later, my order was cancelled by Costco. Out of stock, it said. Hm..

I’m a watch guy. It’s fun to get dressed and pick out a watch as a final touch.

Invicta is a cheap watch maker. They make mostly sub $100 watches. All of their watches look cheap, cheesy, and tacky. Their watches scream “I AM POOR~!!!“. But, this one… the one that’s on sale at Costco (#1260452 – $39.39) is beautiful. It’s beautiful because it’s a $30,000 Rolex Submariner copy cat. Its classic design is historically proven by Rolex. This Invicta watch sells for $80 elsewhere, so $40 is a very good price, and it’s backed by Costco. $20 sale ends June 16.

I was never interested in diver watches before. But, for a Rolex look-alike for $40.00?… So I ordered one ($43.79 after tax. Free shipping) . I never dive. Maybe I take bath with it.

Update: This watch is now sold out soon after my blog. I kind of guessed they would sell out (with or without my incluence).

To give proper credit, Invicta watches are cheap, but not horribly bad. That’s why I ordered one (thanks to Costco and Invicta). When you travel or camping, you can slap this on without worrying about getting it damaged. I am glad Costco sells Invicta.

Invicta Pro Diver Watch Costco
Costco Shopping – May 24, 2019

21st Costco shopping in 2019 – $33.46 (today) / $1391.38 (this year)

I don’t think anyone says “Happy Memorial Day”, because this is not a happy day. We take short time thinking about those who died for us – and we enjoy long weekend. Memorial Day unofficially marks the beginning of Summer. A lot of us relax and enjoy BBQ on Memorial Day. I went to Costco for some BBQ ribs and Hot Dog wieners.

I bought 4 coupon items. Costco Coupons saved me $14. I thought that was a lot of savings. Considering I spent only $33.46. Most items will stay frozen for a long time. I was poor all my life. Having freezer full of Costco stuff is very satisfying to me.

I always buy Birds Eye’s Garlic Chicken ( 58 oz. #32919) when they are on sale. It’s a quick and tasty meal that doesn’t require side dishes. Naples Kitchen’s Hawaiian Style Chicken ( 48 oz. #37447) requires some planning. I will be eating BBQ ribs and some hot dogs on Memorial Day.

*Earlier today, 2 of my co-workers and I went to Costco for hot dogs. Feeling generous, I told them it was going to be my treat. I thought they would get pizza, hot dog, maybe both. A female coworker was tiny, too. Anyway, Mofos ordered 2 Acai Bowls, 2 Pizzas, and 2 Drinks. I was out $18. I ate a hot dog.

Sunday Morning Costco Shopping

18th Costco shopping in 2019 – $36.30 (today) / $1297.47 (this year)

Sunday morning Costco Shopping is special to me. It gives me different feelings compared to my usual Costco shopping at night after a full day of work. For Sunday morning I set the alarm, get up, and get ready just for Costco shopping. I feel positive and motivated when I’m out early Sunday morning. It’s interesting to see the world at this time of the week.

I started a load of white laundry and put on my new watch before hitting the road.

First, I went to car wash at Costco, but I got stuck behind a guy who started to check his engine oil at the pay station…. with opened hood and dipstick! You can see the picture of his truck in front of me. (in the car wash). By 9:48 AM, there were about 70 people outside waiting for the door to open. There were more people waiting in the car as well.

As I waited, I wanted to buy gas for my car, but the lines at the gas station were so long that I decided it was not worth it. Think about it this way. If I was stuck behind a 20 minute line, I would gladly pay $2 to make that line to go away. So, that’s what I did. I went to a local Chevron station and paid extra $1.50 for my Prius.

32 Degrees Cool shirts looked interesting (#1188833). They’re supposed to keep you cool. The material is thin and smooth. I like to wear white shirts at home, but I hate it when men’s nipples are showing through thin white shirts (gross, yuck!). So, I got black ones. These shirts seem promising. I live alone and I am often shirtless at home during hot Summer season. But, I would rather wear something (but NOT tank tops). I am getting older and I would like to look like a gentleman even if I am home alone. FYI: These shirts are form fitting. It will fit your body & upper arms. If you have belly fat, there will be no hiding.

OH. I bought these shirts to wear at home as lounge shirts, not as undershirts. I have good dress undershirts and… don’t get me started on that.

32 Degrees cool shirts Costco
I DID suck in my guts for this picture – but it still shows.

I came home and started my usual Sunday morning routine. My coffee came out perfect. I ironed a few shirts as I enjoyed a cup. It’s a glorious Sunday morning.

New Dishwasher

Be happy for me. I used a dishwasher for the first time in my life. OMG, my dishes were so hot. I didn’t know they get this hot. It was steaming inside…. with steam!

I ordered a Maytag dishwasher on February 28, 2019 from Costco at a crazy low price of $569.99. Costco’s $200 discount was a real deal. This exact model was/is being sold for $760 and up. This purchase paid for my executive Costco membership and some more. I had to wait 7 weeks for delivery. Costco gave me number of chance to cancel my order or get alternate unite. But, I just gut it out and waited for the dishwasher that I originally set my heart on. I finally got it delivered on Wednesday April 17, 2019. I called in and worked from home, so I can greet the delivery guys.

I had absolutely no problem with the delivery company, BJ Hunt. I don’t understand such low customer ratings that I see online. I got my house ready for them. I unhooked the old dishwasher and emptied out space below the kitchen sink before they arrived at my house. They were in and out in about 30 minutes (maybe less).

My dishwasher is beautiful. I shall use it if I can save 10 minutes. 10 minutes a day equals to 61 hours of dishwashing per a year. Time is money. Time is luxury. Time is the reason why I bought a dishwasher.

Anyway… that’s a good looking dishwasher. It’s a satisfying feeling.

Costco Shopping – March 14, 2019

12th Costco shopping in 2019 – $117.58 (today) / $1138.78 (this year)

My boss was working from home today, so I took a long lunch and went for a Costco shopping. Hot dog was extra yummy because I was on clock. 🙂

Costco Shopping – March 8, 2019

11th Costco shopping in 2019 – $9.98 (today) / $1021.2 (this year)

(no picture)

I’ve been enjoying Hoody’s unsalted roasted peanuts lately. Maybe there is a right season for them? I don’t know. But, sometimes these peanuts are not very good. But, lately they are amazing good. They are meaty and tasty. I eat them every day.

Costco Shopping – March 1, 2019

10th Costco shopping in 2019 – $10.94 (today) / $1011.22 (this year)

Costco coupon was about to expire. I wanted to buy dishwasher detergent while it was still on sale. So, I make a quick stop to Costco on my lunch time – then I saw Kirkland Signature dishwasher detergent at better deal, without any discount. Naturally, I bought Kirkland Signature brand.

With this, I pay less than 10 Cents on detergent every wash. That’s not too bad, I think.

Costco Shopping – February 28, 2019

9th Costco shopping in 2019 – $611.32 (today) / $1000.28 (this year)

** Purchase like this pays for Costco membership and more.

I am finally getting a dishwasher. To me, this is a life-changing event.

When I bought my house 7 years ago, the house came with a broken dishwasher. I never felt the need for a dishwasher. ‘Dishwashers are for rich people,’ I thought.

I had a similar notion on gardening services. I thought any man with able body should mow his own lawn and save hundreds of Dollars. It took me a year to change my mind. Now I cannot imagine my life without a gardener. And, lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a dishwasher. I started to think about how much time I will save if I had a dishwasher. A single man with a career should not spend this much time washing dishes every night. A grown man should not come home to see a mountain of dishes piled up.

Costco had $200 discount on Maytag dishwashers. So, I ordered one. It was a right time for me.

Order process was different than the time I ordered my refrigerator. It currently says “order received” – and I am waiting for some kind of communication from delivery company. We’ll see…

Update: 2 business days later, I received an email from Costco informing me to expect an email from a delivery service. I’ll get to schedule delivery, it says.

Costco Shopping – February 28, 2019

8th Costco shopping in 2019 – $1.64 (today) / $388.96 (this year)

I worked almost 12 hours today. I wanted some quick bite on my way home. I didn’t drink soda, though. Soda is bad for you. I drank water.

Costco Shopping – February 20, 2019

7th Costco shopping in 2019 – $25.85 (today) / $387.32 (this year)

Nothing special today. Boring…

Costco Shopping – February 19, 2019

6th Costco shopping in 2019 – $22.76 (today) / $361.47 (this year)

Today marks the landmark event. I finally bought meat at Costco for the first time. I was always afraid(?) to buy meat at Costco, because Costco meats were too fancy for my lifestyle.

I’ve been buying meats from local supermarkets only when they had special sales going on. Today, I had a huge craving for some stew. I couldn’t wait for stew meat on sale… so I thought ‘Why not buy from Costco?’

I did it! I am not afraid of Costco meat anymore

Costco Shopping – February 15, 2019

5th Costco shopping in 2019 – $27.08 (today) / $338.71 (this year)

It was a rainy night. I just wanted to go in and out quick.

Costco Citi Visa Reward Certificate

If you have issues with your reward certificate, I recommend you to ask Citi Visa directly via website. Use their Live Chat. Let us know how it went. Good luck.

I just received a Costco City Visa reward certificate amount of $358.14 in the email. I recently switched my monthly statements to paperless. This is the first time receiving certificate in email. I have been always receiving these checks (certificates) in paper via US Postal Service.

I am guessing they will send paper copy of certificate to those who receive paper statements (?). That’s my educated guess.

Again – You may receive your certificate on your own schedule. I happen to receive them usually in February.

Costco Citi Visa Reward Certificate 2019