Costco Shopping – November 1, 2009

* 38th Costco Shopping this year, 1st time this month.

3 pairs of Anti-Wrinkle Khakis (Dockers Classic Fit):
I have about 15 pairs of these slacks. But, when I saw them, I had to pick up 3 pairs. These slacks are $21.99 each, a really good price. I plan to “Save” these slacks for special days and night-outs, so I will look extra sharp.

Chocolates of the World:
I found Chocolates of the World! I couldn’t find them on my last 2 trips to Costco. I was thrilled to see them. I bought two. I am going to make them last until May 2010, which is the expiration date. (see picture below)

Jose’s coffee:
I’m going to bring Jose’s Coffee to work instead of my regular supply of Starbucks Coffee. I hope it tastes OK. Several months ago, I brought Kirkland Signature’s coffee to work. Everyone hated it (including myself) – so we had to trash the entire bag. Sorry Costco, your coffee is OK. It’s just we are very picky about coffee.

Chocolates of the World
2 Jars of Chocolates of the World for 2010