Greetings, About John

This website is just for fun.
No hate emails please.  My stories may be completely fictional.

Sometimes I worry about giving out too much of my personal information.

  • I live in California, USA.
  • I am a single, straight male. I live alone.
  • I have an executive membership at Costco.
  • I was poor all my life – my visitors remember when I used to be financially challenged (and happy).
      • When I say “Poor”, I mean poor.  I remember not knowing what to eat for dinner.  And just 10 years ago, I was living in a government subsidized apartment.
      • I am financially better now, but I am not rich.
      • I save a lot so I can buy some fancy clothes occasionally.  Clothes are my hobby.  Besides that, my life-style is far from being luxurious.  I live below my mean.  My root is humble.
      • I am worried that my pictures will make you think I am rich, or you may think I am erogant. But, they are pictures… pictures make you think rest of my house is as pretty as the pictures.
  • I am not young.  I work with co-workers 15-20 yrs younger than I am.
  • I have a photography degree (2 years). I photographed hundreds of weddings.
    • For my blog, I use a point and shoot camera.
  • I have a BS degree in Computer.
  • I also enjoy Bed Bath and Beyond, ROSS, Pier 1 Import, Michael’s, and Tuesday Morning.
  • I made this website 11 years ago with Drupal.  Then switched to WordPress in April 2018.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • If you have airbnb and have some free time to spend with me, please contact me from here.  I would like to experience how people live ordinary, everyday life outside of California. I can help you with chores.. like moving heavy furniture, cleaning rain gutter, taking family pictures, walking dogs, going to Costco…

I’m just a normal guy who makes fair amount of mistakes. Please don’t take things personally.  Feel free to correct me when I make mistake.

God bless everyone.