Costco’s Cold Brew Mocha Freeze

13th & 14th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $3.27 each visit / $2074.93 this year

I had Costco’s Cold Brew Mocha Freeze for the first time.

I took 3 days off from work. My plan was to take care of some errands, eat out, and enjoy my time alone as usual. On the first day, on my way to the tailor, I stopped by Costco and ordered a Cold Brew Mocha Freeze. When I said “One Mocha Freeze, please!” the lady immediately asked me if I wanted chocolate with it. My answer was “Yes”. The drink was a delight. 580 calories with chocolate was worth it. I recommend it to any coffee lover.

I put the Mocha Freeze in the cup holder, put on my driving gloves, and put the convertible top down. With that, my vacation had officially begun. I drove towards the ocean to look for the best tailor in town.

Costco Cold Brew Mocha Freeze
Costco Cold Brew Mocha Freeze

What I did during my 3 days off.

  • Took my Christmas coat to the tailor. I recently bought a green coat for the holiday season.
  • (Day 1) Ate a big lunch at a Cajun restaurant (shrimps, catfish, red snapper)
  • (Day 2) Ate a big KFC chicken lunch. (very disappointing, old chicken)
  • (Day 3) Ate a big fish and chips lunch with a bowl of clam chowder. (Amazing-good eating)
  • I saw the ocean 3 times.
  • Took my Prius station wagon to the dealership (software upgrade – safety recall).
  • Took Lyft ride twice.
  • Got my Prius back the next day.

On day 3, at the fish and chips parking lot, somebody stopped and complimented my sneakers (picture below). I rarely leave home since the pandemic. So, I was excited about talking to a stranger. I had a quick chit-chat with her and we bid each other good day. “You make my day,” I said with giddy.

FYI: Before the pandemic, people often complimented my shoes.
Shoes are my hobby (picture)

On my way home, I stopped by Costco and picked up a Cold Brew Mocha Freeze to mark the end of my 3 days off. Oh~, it was good. I see myself enjoying Cold Brew Mocha Freeze often in the future.

Costco’s Cold Brew Mocha Freeze is a guaranteed good time.

Cold Brew Mocha Freeze #2
Italian sneakers
CK Socks from Costco – November 7, 2010
Jeans from Costco – 2017(?). I hemmed that pants. I can tell by the color of the threads.

Raffle: Youtheory Turmeric – USP Verified

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The raffle has ended – Thank you!

1 bottle of Youtheory Turmeric (1,000 mg) – I will draw 3 winners in 2-3 weeks.

I am not a professional raffle person. I reserve the right to make mistakes. Turmeric will be shipped directly from the supplier. I do not take any responsibilities for the side effect of any kind (if there is any).

The only thing I guarantee is your privacy. I am paranoid about my own privacy. I guarantee I will not use your information for anything.

Good luck~!!!

Costco Shopping -July 9, 2021

12th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $197.19 today / $2068.39 this year

Hi, I am doing well. I am healthy and still have the same job (still working from home). A few weeks ago we thought my mother was gravely ill. I even packed my bag for 3-day travel. Then it turned out she was just fine. That was a little stressful.

Back to Costco. I didn’t take any pictures while I was shopping. I couldn’t focus, I forgot to bring a camera, etc… just tired…

I went to Costco with a friend. Her birthday was coming up in a few days, but I had nothing prepared for her. I’ve been busy and distracted. The time flew by, and I had absolutely nothing ready for my friend’s birthday. So, I did what most men do – I took care of it with money. I took her to Costco and paid for whatever she picked up, including 2 dozen roses.

I bought a case of Monster Energy Drink. I rarely drink energy drinks. But, when I need it, I need it desperately. For example, if I have a big project that’s approaching the deadline, energy drinks help me stay all night and work.

Since I work from home, I have time to prepare and enjoy Coach’s Oatmeal for breakfast ($5.99 after $2.00 off).

This is how I make my oatmeal – Southern style. Let me know if there is a tastier way to prepare oatmeal.

  • 1 part oatmeal
  • 1 1/2 part milk
  • 1 1/2 part water
  • Microwave 3:45 at 50% power. Let stand 2 minutes.
  • Add cinnamon, salt, & honey to taste.
  • No topping for me – (too much work)

After Costco shopping, I told her we can have dinner anywhere she wanted, and she picked Costco pizza (again). again, maybe she didn’t want me to spend any more money after paying for all her Costco shopping, or maybe she couldn’t resist the smell of Costco pizza.

This time the soda fountain was opened for the customers. It was no longer restricted. But they still had the sippy-cup lids instead of straws.

Life goes on. Please enjoy whatever you have, rich or poor. I had more fun when I was poor.

Costco Shopping – June 18, 2021

11th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $42.89 today / $1871.2 this year

I finally cleared out my front porch so I can enjoy sitting there. I installed an orange sunshade and even hung some phony-looking lights. The lawn furniture came with the house. I bought the baker’s shelf at a garage sale for $10. It still has a $20 sticker on it.

When I sit, I cover the chair with a Costco beach towel. The towel doesn’t cover the entire chair. I may have to buy a couple of extra-large beach towels. The cushion is also from Costco. I didn’t buy the lights from Costco because I wanted a solar-powered unit.

I thought, if I really want to enjoy sitting outside, I needed some kind of mosquito protection. So, I ordered a Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller (item #1256904 – no longer available at Costco, but Costco sells similar Thermacell products). This can be one of those products that I may never know if they work or not (just like Focus Factor, Fat burner, male energy booster… ). I may never know if the product works or if there are no mosquitoes at all. And I am hesitant to experiment with no protection.

So, I will use Thermacell Mosquito Repeller whenever I sit outside sipping cold drinks, watch TV, read a cookbook, play games.. My God, my life sounds good on paper.

I really enjoy my new front porch. It’s a whole new experience as a homeowner. It’s a satisfying feeling. It’s funny that I feel like smoking and drinking when I sit there, even though I don’t smoke and I rarely drink. The previous homeowner left their wrought iron headboard. I brought it out on the porch for decoration. I like how it looks there.

When I bought this house, I told the previous homeowner to leave all the unwanted items in the house. And they did. I still use their couch, kitchenware, coffee mug, furniture, lawn furniture, hardware, mirror, chair, etc, etc.

FYI: Costco Will Close on July 4th

Just for your information: Costco will close on Independence Day, 2021.

I look forward to the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on the 4th of July. I will wear my official hot dog eating contest T-shirt when I watch the contest. The event will air on ESPN at 10:45 am ET (Sunday, 4th of July). I don’t have ESPN, so I’ll have to get a free trial from sling or YouTube.

Joey Chestnut will win the contest (again). I just would like to see somebody coming a close second (Carmen Cincotti or Matt Stonie). I hope Badlands Booker is competing this year. He looks worse every year (sucks getting old).

I will eat 2 Costco hot dogs for lunch to celebrate Independence Day.