Costco Coupons: May 22 – June 16, 2019

Costco Member-only Savings May 22 – June 16, 2019.

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Oh, yum.. I see a bunch of food items I would like. Like these…

  • Hebrew National Beef Franks, 12 oz., 4-count – ($3 Off)
  • Birds Eye Garlic Chicken, 58 oz – ($2.50 off).
  • Naples Kitchen Hawaiian Style Chicken, 48 oz. – ($4.50 off)
  • (Ready to grill) pork ribs, 48 oz – ($4 off)
MED Massager

My husband came with me to Costco on a weekend a few weeks ago, when he does, we usually end up buying higher end things he likes. The guys were there demoing it. I sat down, he sat down and I was like yeah. Husband was like heck yeah. Brought it home and we’ve been using it. It is intense but does the trick if you have sore muscles and can handle a really good vibrating style massage. We like to rub our salves in, do a heat treatment and then put a T-towel on and use this. He fell asleep to this last time 😉  

Balm Of Gilead Salve

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We all need a little help. Homemade with oils from Costco. We love the outdoors, love to hike and forage. I make other salves and upon reading about ingredients I ran across this Balm Of Gilead I had never heard of, it derives from biblical times. The buds of cottonwood tree’s here in Washington state were ready in February. I picked twice. Once with my Mother and Father in Law (retired) on their property in Woodinville while visiting them. My father in law was very happy to get his tractor available to pick high branches if needed and get the bonfire ready to burn the unwanted branches. They have an 11 acre ranch that they have horses on and board with a really cool creek that runs the entire length of it. They helped us pick the buds for about an hour. I set that batch in a jar and stored in the cupboard. A week later I went out hiking with my girlfriend in Duvall to pick another batch, to have sit in another jar and let them extract the richness of the sap. It’s impressive, it bleeds red pitch. After a few months I made the salve. I used a new dish soap and got allergic to it and got a itchy rash. I started using this and it relieved it and took the rash away, so why not, right?

  • It is analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.
  • The scent of this oil is sweet and clean, like the freshest spring day.
  • The young buds of cotton wood/balsam poplar trees secrete a powerfully aromatic and healing resin high in salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin
  • Suggested use for sore muscles or Skincare for eczema, rashes and burns

On Sale – 32 Degrees Men’s Cool Tee, 2 Pack

Review Updated: Cool Tee is very comfortable, but will not “Cool”

This is a good deal.

32 Degrees Men’s Cool Tees (2 pack, # 1325902) are on sale at Costco. $2 discount is valid through June 9, 2019. I am wearing it right now as I write this blog. I like them as lounge shirt. With $2 off, they are $4 each. That’s a very good price.

Amazon prime is selling these for $15.99 – exactly twice the cost at Costco. They cost even more at elsewhere.

Cool Tee will not keep you extra cool

Despite the name “Cool Tee”, I personally find these shirts as warm as any other thick cotton shirts. Cool Tee’s material is extra thin and stretchy. But, they will not cool your body. Instead, they feel cozy, smooth and extra comfortable. They are amazing comfortable. And yet, they look pretty decent.. You can go to gas station or greet visitors in these. I think Cool Tees will be good lounge & sleeping shirt for Summer months . I believe Cool Tee provides better sleep compared to thicker cotton shirts. I am disappointed that it doesn’t have cooling effect. But, its superior comfort, good look, and Costco’s price make these shirts super good buy.

Update: They sold out before June. I missed my chance to get some more. 🙁,-2-pack.product.100482260.html

Cool Tee cannot be “Dress” undershirt

I am a undershirt snob. I wrote a blog Art of Wearing Undershirt, last year. Maybe you can wear Cool Tee as casual undershirt if you wear thick shirts. But, generally speaking, they are not “Dress” undershirt. Black or white shirts cannot be dress undershirts, because people can see your undershirt through your shirt. That’s ghetto, embarrassing, & clueless. Real dress shirts should be invisible – in your skin color or maybe in gray that matches your skin tone. Also, dress undershirt should be more fitting and has V neck. Finally, dress undershirts should have real cooling effects. I pay $35 each for good dress undershirts.To me, Cool Tee is far from being dress undershirt. I refuse to wear Cool Tee under my dress shirt.

Black or white?

In this case, I will have to go with black. The material is too thin that white shirts will show men’s nipples. That is disgusting. Please don’t wear white t-shirts in public if people can see your nipples (and hair!!!). Please… God no.

You can order Cool Tees online. They even ship for free.

Garage Sale – May 11, 2019

I spent $2 today at garage sales. My house smells like fresh cotton now (melting one of the tarts in the picture).

I didn’t need coffee mug. I didn’t need another cook book. But, for ¢50 each, I get a great joy out of it. It’s definitely worth it. And, I have friends who would love to take them from me when I’m done with them.

I feel the most relaxed when I’m back home after garage sales. I wanted share with you how relaxed I am… so I took this picture. I hope you can feel it. I will now start laundry and make coffee. It’s a glorious Saturday morning.

Talk to you soon.

Sunday Morning Costco Shopping

18th Costco shopping in 2019 – $36.30 (today) / $1297.47 (this year)

Sunday morning Costco Shopping is special to me. It gives me different feelings compared to my usual Costco shopping at night after a full day of work. For Sunday morning I set the alarm, get up, and get ready just for Costco shopping. I feel positive and motivated when I’m out early Sunday morning. It’s interesting to see the world at this time of the week.

I started a load of white laundry and put on my new watch before hitting the road.

First, I went to car wash at Costco, but I got stuck behind a guy who started to check his engine oil at the pay station…. with opened hood and dipstick! You can see the picture of his truck in front of me. (in the car wash). By 9:48 AM, there were about 70 people outside waiting for the door to open. There were more people waiting in the car as well.

As I waited, I wanted to buy gas for my car, but the lines at the gas station were so long that I decided it was not worth it. Think about it this way. If I was stuck behind a 20 minute line, I would gladly pay $2 to make that line to go away. So, that’s what I did. I went to a local Chevron station and paid extra $1.50 for my Prius.

32 Degrees Cool shirts looked interesting (#1188833). They’re supposed to keep you cool. The material is thin and smooth. I like to wear white shirts at home, but I hate it when men’s nipples are showing through thin white shirts (gross, yuck!). So, I got black ones. These shirts seem promising. I live alone and I am often shirtless at home during hot Summer season. But, I would rather wear something (but NOT tank tops). I am getting older and I would like to look like a gentleman even if I am home alone. FYI: These shirts are form fitting. It will fit your body & upper arms. If you have belly fat, there will be no hiding.

OH. I bought these shirts to wear at home as lounge shirts, not as undershirts. I have good dress undershirts and… don’t get me started on that.

32 Degrees cool shirts Costco
I DID suck in my guts for this picture – but it still shows.

I came home and started my usual Sunday morning routine. My coffee came out perfect. I ironed a few shirts as I enjoyed a cup. It’s a glorious Sunday morning.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
My homemade canned bases: Red salsa and Verde. Then I build it up with fresh.
Some fixings: For tamales and enchiladas
Tamales in pan and rice mix sauté to brown before simmering with Costco chicken stock. Tip, spray all casserole pans for easy clean up after.
This is awesome goodness. When making homemade food, nothing has salt so I use this base and other flavors to add salt to my dishes. Ad’s another depth.
Simmer any type of dehydrated peppers in Costco stock to reconstitute them and then blend them in your vitamix from Costco! Deseed them first.
Previously smoked pork in a corn tortilla “enchilada”, Costco premade tamale all topped with the enchilada sauce. Homemade black beans and Costco blended rice mix made with Costco chicken stock and secret seasoning.
What’s For Dinner:
I pulled this at a 155 degrees, but actually wanted to pull it at 135. It rose to 161, to high for our liking but it still was moist. This was to eat fresh for tonight and the rest for lunch meat.
Costco Brawts left over from last weekend to go in the smoker for snacks
Costco organic salad mix and romaine along with parmesan to make a Caesar salad
Lets begin. I bought several bags while on sale along with the lighters.
Side Tip: Leftover: use for this is going for sandwiches/lunch meat. Stay tuned for what I use my leftovers/repurpose into other meals and ideas for freezer meals. It’s bulk, lets use it up and save.
Done, was good.

The Cheddar Cheese used in this from Costco, holds up well, lasts long too. The bread is the new one out “white” from Dave’s killer bread also at Costco.

New Dishwasher

Be happy for me. I used a dishwasher for the first time in my life. OMG, my dishes were so hot. I didn’t know they get this hot. It was steaming inside…. with steam!

I ordered a Maytag dishwasher on February 28, 2019 from Costco at a crazy low price of $569.99. Costco’s $200 discount was a real deal. This exact model was/is being sold for $760 and up. This purchase paid for my executive Costco membership and some more. I had to wait 7 weeks for delivery. Costco gave me number of chance to cancel my order or get alternate unite. But, I just gut it out and waited for the dishwasher that I originally set my heart on. I finally got it delivered on Wednesday April 17, 2019. I called in and worked from home, so I can greet the delivery guys.

I had absolutely no problem with the delivery company, BJ Hunt. I don’t understand such low customer ratings that I see online. I got my house ready for them. I unhooked the old dishwasher and emptied out space below the kitchen sink before they arrived at my house. They were in and out in about 30 minutes (maybe less).

My dishwasher is beautiful. I shall use it if I can save 10 minutes. 10 minutes a day equals to 61 hours of dishwashing per a year. Time is money. Time is luxury. Time is the reason why I bought a dishwasher.

Anyway… that’s a good looking dishwasher. It’s a satisfying feeling.

GoFloats Raffle – Giant Pool Floats

The raffle has ended. The winner, Sara, was notified. And she confirmed.

If I had a swimming pool, I would enjoy Summer a lot more. It will be amazing to lay on a float, drink soda, and take nap. Imagine that… just like movies. And kids… Kids would love these. I wanted to review these floats by GoFloats. But I don’t have a pool. So, GoFloats will raffle these out to a lucky winner. Happy Summer!

GoFloats Giant Pool Floats are in stock at Costco (#100478438). They are selling fast. They sold out once already. They quickly re-stocked. Keep your eye out for GoFloats products at your local Costco warehouse. They are also available at Costco website.

Our friends at GoFloats are giving away 2 pack of these giant floats.

The raffle has ended. The winner, Doris, was notified.