Costco Shopping – February 10, 2023

3rd Costco Shopping in 2023 – $170.2 today / $438.86 this year

I wore a fancy cardigan I bought from Mr Porter. I like my new cardigan a lot. After all, it is from Mr Porter. I realized this cardigan looked feminine when I bought it. But it was that European look I couldn’t resist. Anyway, today I was called ma’am twice at Costco. I get called ma’am a few times a year. Twice a day was a record.

I didn’t buy anything special today. Boring, boring… I needed some coupon items. Instant savings saved $19.10.

The hotdog is always good. I never get sick of Costco hotdogs. They are just amazing good times.

Last Chance to order Valentine’s Day Flowers

2nd Costco Shopping in 2023 – $64.34 / $268.66 this year

This is your last chance to order flowers for Valentine’s Day delivery. Costco has a good track record on flower delivery as far as my experience is concerned. The flowers look good, and they last a long time.

I never request them to be delivered on Valentine’s Day, February 14. It’s the busiest day for flower delivery, and I don’t like to risk it. So, I always schedule it to deliver a few days earlier. Actually, there was one incident when delivery was delayed by one day. But, it worked out fine because I asked for delivery a few days earlier. My friend never complains that she receives flowers early. I mean, I refuse to be a friend to anyone who complains that I sent flowers too early. That would be against my philosophy (Avoid drama. Boring is the best).

I didn’t want to send 50 roses. One or two dozen roses are OK, but 50 roses remind me of a guy who wears gold chains and heavy cologne. (Porsche key chain, Ray-Ban Sunglasses on the back of his head, etc, etc…). So, I looked for something less flashy.

Below is what I considered buying.

Costco Shopping – January 12, 2023

1st Costco Shopping in 2023 – $151.93 today / $151.93 this year

Costco Cart Cam (3:30 long YouTube)

I went to Costco mainly to buy eggs. But, I didn’t know we were suffering an egg shortage. So, no eggs…

And, yes, I have noticed that prices have increased on many items recently. But, I guess we should not expect prices to stay still forever. People will always talk about the good old days. But, in the good old days, people died young. I’ll take expensive eggs any day over death. – This is how I tried to convince myself that everything is OK, but, it is not OK! It sucks!!!

3 bags of chips better last through the Spring. The big bag of Doritos is an incredible value, especially with the instant savings. Anyway, I shall stock up on snacks and eat them slowly. Just like anything in life, I shall practice discipline and enjoy it in moderation. I hope the shaving gels don’t smell too strong. You know what I feel about smelly personal hygiene products.

The hot dog was enjoyable. Mocha Freeze on my drive back home was a delight. I came home and ate some warm chicken. The chicken was amazing. I had a good day today. After all these years(15), Costco shopping is still fun, and it still relaxes my soul.

Happy new year to me and to everyone.

  • Charmin bath tissues $20.69 (After $5.80 saving)
  • Bottled water $6.19 (After $2 California Redemption)
  • Snap’d – $4.99 (after $2.50 saving) x2
  • Doritos – $4.99 (after $1.70 discount)
  • Costco rotisserie chicken – $4.99
  • Kirkland Signature Sharp Cheddar Cheese – $6.39
  • Season sardines in olive oil – $7.69 (after $3.30 discount)
  • Sachs Peanuts (unsalted) – $5.99
  • Sun-maid organic raisins – $7.97
  • Gillette shaving gels (3 pack) – $11.99
  • Scotch Brite lint rollers (5 pack) – $9.89 (after $3.10 discount)
  • Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite Adult 50+ – $23.99 (after $5 discount)
  • Focus Factor (Brain Supplement) – $17.99 (after $5 discount)
  • Hot Dog – 1.50
  • Cold Brew Mocha Freeze with Chocolate – $2.99

Total $151.93
Total savings – $28.90