Costco APP feature I use every day – Shopping List

Costco APP has a feature called “Lists”. Lists is a simple shopping list you can also use it as a reminder. I use that feature all the time.

I name my lists like below..

  • Costco – shopping list
  • Target, Walmart – shopping list
  • Home Depot – shopping list
  • Amazon – shopping list
  • Super Bowl – Check-list to get ready for Super Bowl viewing party.
  • Etc…

It happened so many times that I would go to home depot for something, and I couldn’t remember if there was anything else I needed. The next day, I would see ants in my front yard and remember that I was out of ant spray 3 months ago. If you have a shopping list on your phone, you will avoid this scenario.

Lists works without an internet connection.

* You can locate Lists by tapping “More” at the bottom of Costco APP.

Costco APP Lists