Brand New Tire Went Flat~!! – Back to Costco.

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I had a flat tire.

I thought my car felt funny in the morning, but I just drove to work. When I was at work, one of my neighbors saw my car and noticed a flat. But he didn’t bother to let me know. He could have at least left a note. But he told me about it much later, after I fixed the tire. Hm… I never liked that guy.

These are brand new tires. I just got those tires. I couldn’t believe this happened.

It took me about 10-20 minutes to put a spare tire. That small jack was painful to use. 

Nail on Tire

After work, I went to Costco. There was a 2 hour waiting time. I decided to wait 2 hours.

So, I went to furniture department and set on the couch for an hour. I read a book. Later, I ate a churro and did some more shopping. 2 hours passed slowly.

Costco Tire Center

My car was ready around 8:30 pm (they close at 8:30 pm). I was tired, cold, and hungry.

Costco repaired my tire for free.