Christmas Moment

I contacted my friend Friday (Dec 22nd) and convinced her to come out after work for a “Christmas experience”. Both she and I get off work late. We were tired, but I told her she will look back and cherish the moment – that we must force ourselves to create some kind of Christmas moment before it’s gone.

The entire night I played my favorite Christmas music in my car. I picked her up at her work and went for a quick bite. And we went to a coffee shop and enjoyed holiday flavored coffee.

Then we walked around the shopping center and took some pictures. I struck a silly pose in front of a big Christmas tree. Then we realized that my belly was exposed in the picture. We had a big laugh. We kept looking at that picture and kept laughing.

We took a detour back to her work and looked at houses with Christmas decorations. I took her back to work in three hours.

4 days later, I cherish that magic moment.

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