(pic) Under My Bathroom Sink.
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I missed 5 Costco Shopping blogs – because I didn’t buy anything fun.

I am totally out of Coffee. Costco didn’t have a Starbucks Coffee coupon for 5 months now. Next time I see the Starbucks Coffee coupon, I will buy 5 bags.

This is how under my bathroom sink looks like.

I use baby shampoo from 99 Cents Only Store. They are cheap and gentle.

I think my neighbor is a prostitute
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I try to keep my website secret to my neighbors, so I don’t have to watch what I say.

I have a reason to believe one of my neighbors is a prostitute. I think she has a client-based sex business going on. Or she has a lot of guy friends. Or there must be an innocent explanation.

My neighbor, the marijuana girl, brought up the topic, that there are multiple men visiting her constantly, sometimes very late. And I agree with that.

So, I set up the hidden camera pointing at her APT. It’s set to record when motion is detected. I’m going to figure out exactly how many guys visit her and how often.

I arranged a dinner date with another neighbor. I shall dig out more information.

Of course, I’m not serious. I am just doing this for entertainment. I’m bored.

Maybe I want in on it.

Anyway, I just ordered a higher-quality webcam for better video images.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011 / Sign of Getting Old
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(Also a sign of getting old)

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I hated Valentine’s Day all my life because it’s so stressful. It’s the day that society created so people would spend money.

Then I thought about it… if you are stressed, then something is wrong. So what if Valentine’s Day is commercialized? I can spend a small amount of money and have fun. The secret is to have a date (spouse) who shares the same lifestyle. Then there should be no stress.

I went to Ralphs and spent very little money. I bought just one stem of a rose for $5.99. I also bought chocolate and a card. I think I spent less than $15.00 in total. I didn’t go to any fancy store. There was no stress.

Oh, I don’t have a vase. So, I had to keep the rose in the coffee pot.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Salute To 99 Cents Only Store
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99 Cents only store is not just for poor people. Yes, I wouldn’t buy most of the products they sell. But I frequently find good stuff at 99 Cents Only Stores.

For example, below is from January 2011.

I bought 4 Coca-Cola cups – Look at them; they are adorable. They are genuine Coca-Cola products made in The USA.

I also bought 8 boxes of Wasa flat-breads. They normally go for $3 or more at the World Market. I like their new rosemary flatbread.

If you watch your diet, then check out WASA products. Some flatbreads have 0 fat and very low Calories.

I like 99 Cents Only Stores for providing low-priced products to people who cannot afford expensive stuff. Several years ago, I bought most of my stuff from 99 Cents Only Stores. I simply couldn’t afford anything else.

To me, 99 Cents Only Store will always be the big brother who helped me out when the time was tough. They are still one of my favorite stores.

Here’s my salute to 99 Cents Only Stores and good people who work there.

Christmas Hangover
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Today is January 13th, but I still cannot let go of Christmas.

I had such a good time during the season. 

Last weekend, I bought some last chance Christmas stuff at a local store.

Everything had to go, they said.

At work, I still turn on my Christmas lights. I still listen to Christmas music.

It’s so sad that the season went by so fast.

I put on my Santa Hat on Thanksgiving Day. Some folks greeted me with “Merry Christmas” – On Thanksgiving Day.

My 10-day vacation was magic. I really enjoyed my vacation. I spent 6 days all alone, including Christmas day. And I loved it.

I bought myself a nice Christmas gift (below)

I love this 13″ notebook computer. Of course, I bought a factory re-certified unit for a deep discount. The battery lasts 7-9 hours. I plan to get out of the town and take care of my business with my computer once in a while.

I still turn on Christmas lights at my work. I listen to Christmas music. My apartment smells like cinnamon sticks.

I have gained 4 solid pounds during the season.

I ate a lot. Look at my snack shack (photographed December 2010).
This is why some people hate Americans.
Don’t try this at home, unless you have super strong willpower.
I have a friend with almost no self-control. She goes crazy whenever she visits me.

I should snap out from the Christmas hangover and start enjoying 2011.

I can’t wait for Christmas 2011. But that would wish away 1 year of my life. I shall re-focus and enjoy 2011. I would like to be productive this year.

The Christmas season is only 10 months away.


Bed Bath and Beyond – Cinnamon Stick Yankee Candle
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These are stuff I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond during this Christmas season.

I love Cinnamon Stick scented Yankee Candle. To me, Cinnamon Stick is the best holiday smell. You light this up… and it’s Christmas.

The big jar was about $15 with the sale & coupon.

Remember, Bed Bath and Beyond takes expired coupons. So, I clip and hold on to all coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Coupons are nothing to laugh at. I saved $5 on a large jar of Yankee Candle. I have great respect for coupons.

I would never buy Yankee Candle at full price. Because I cannot afford it. Coupons make it possible for me.

Yankee Candle, olive oil dispenser, olive oil sprayer, straws… from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Vacation Update – December 2010
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I am on my 10-day vacation (4 days off, 2 days holidays, 4 days weekend).

8 days flew by like a rocket ship. I still have 2 days to enjoy. I shall make the most out of it.


When I was a boy, I used to love scale modeling. I spent many days making tanks, sports cars, and fighter planes. Back then, I had to save money for months to buy a cheap box of a tank. Kit models were such a treat back then, that’s why I relate kit models with Christmas.

I wanted to re-live that olden day. So, I bought 2 boxes of kit models. I was very happy to find this truck. I remember when I was a young boy. I used to look at this truck in the store window for hours and daydreamed.

On the night before Christmas, I put the truck together as I watched Polar Express. I had a good sentimental moment alone. The entire apartment was quiet. I couldn’t hear any of my neighbors.

It took several hours (a few days) to put this together. 

After this truck, I got fed up with scale modeling. That was enough. Maybe I will get to the tank next year (?). We’ll see.

Update 2021 – 11 years later, I still haven’t finished that tank. It’s about 1/4 finished.


My neighbor “S” paid a visit on Christmas day. She said she found the coins in the laundry room. “I thought it had to be you,” she said.

She said, after using washers and dryers, she put the coins and Christmas card back up there. She wanted somebody else to have that good feeling.


I did a lot of shopping.
I ate a lot of treats.
I met my parents twice.

This vacation was so very sweet.