Too Old For This – Drug Trafficking
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It was Thursday 9 pm when my neighbor called. She’s 10+ years younger than I am. We are just friends. She occasionally invites me to join her young friends at her place. She told me once that I was fun to be with because I was “Odd”. Mm.. Story of my life.

She asked me if I would like to keep her company. She had to drive to Los Angeles to see her friend. She needed to pay her some money and say hello to her for about 15 minutes. I hadn’t been to Los Angeles for over 10 years. Tomorrow is Friday, so it would be OK if I get a little tired. 

“OK, I’ll go with you”, I said.

I put on my Santa hat, and she hit the freeway. She told me it was strange and fun to go out with me. I gave her a smile as I adjusted my Santa Hat.

THEN, she started to chain-smoke as she listened to loud techno music. OMG, that was painful. All my good clothes (I bought from Costco) were soaked in smoke.

Below is a sample of “Techno Music” – She didn’t listen to the exact song, but they are all same.

** NOTE **  I am not saying Techno Music sucks. I respect all kinds of music. But I am just too old for this kind of music. I stopped listening to the “New Stuff” since the ’90s. 

Anyway, we drove to the trendy part of Los Angeles. We found my neighbor’s friend walking her dog at night in high heel boots. She was a cute blond. I expected we would head back home in 15 minutes as she told me earlier. But they started to drink beer. I drank water. We were there for about 2 hours. And it was past midnight. I was falling asleep on the couch next to the dog. My neighbor gave her friend some money she owed, and the friend gave her some homemade cookies.

Then I noticed something funny. The cookies didn’t look right. I was pretty sure that there were illegal drugs in those cookies. I was angry and worried.

We finally hit the freeway back home. She cranked up her Techno Music again. And there went chain-smoking. We were hungry, so I took her to Denny’s for late-night breakfast. As we ate breakfast, I confirmed that the cookies contained marijuana.

I came home past 3 am and I went to bed around 4:30 am.

I crashed the next day. I was so tired. At work, I had to take a nap in my car.

I am too old for this.

But it was fun.

(pic) Free Cat
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I went to a coffee shop the other day.

I saw this lady giving out cats.

Of course, I stopped by to chat with her (This is the thing about living alone. You take every chance you get to talk to strangers)

Anyway, she’s not allowed to have more than 2 cats at her apartment, but her cat just had a litter. So she brought a basket full of cats and staged in front of this coffee shop.

She didn’t seem to have a problem giving them away. She was holding on to the last one. Poor guy is absolutely adorable.

Happy Thanksgiving
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I hope you will have fun.

I was home alone for the last 2 Thanksgiving days. This year, I will be home with 2 guests. I am so looking forward to relaxing and eat. There will be a lot of food. I will do most of the cooking (including turkey). I plan to impress the guests with my cooking skill. I am excited. Wish me luck~!

I am sorry if some of you are home alone or if you have to go to work. I know how it is.

The day after Thanksgiving, I will put on a Santa hat… I plan to wear the Santa Hat until Christmas. (I bought 2 hats, just in case the first one would get dirty)

I am thankful that I have an able body to go to work, exercise, and play. I hope to become financially stable so I can give back to society. For now, I can use financial help.

God bless everyone.
Enjoy the magic moment.
2010 has been fun so far.

Happy Thanksgiving

(vid) Cutting Pineapple
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I told my friend how tasty Costco Pineapple was. Then we talked about how we cut pineapple. I have never seen anyone else cutting pineapple before. I came up with my own way to cut pineapples. I figured that’s how everyone else is doing.

I use this method to cut watermelon, Mellon, cantaloupe, & etc…

Anyway, it was difficult to explain how I cut pineapple over the phone, so I told her “Ok, ok, I will shoot a video so you will see how I do”.

Here’s the video I sent her.

* Oh yeah, I was listening to Christmas music. They were playing it on my cable TV channel already.

Nothing’s Going on – Nothing…
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I haven’t updated my blog, not because I was sick, too busy, or lazy.

I have absolutely nothing going on in my life. This is good. This is how I would like my life to be – a life with no drama. I just want to live everyday life happily and positively. And I would hope tomorrow will be just as same as today. Life is good. Anyway, I had little to talk about. That was all.

I plan to go to Costco next week.

Shopping wise? I cannot think of anything else to buy. I would like to buy a lot of stuff, but they are all luxury items, and I don’t have much money.

I still practice guitar. I love my new guitar. It’s been almost 1 year, and it’s been a dream.  I still cannot believe I own a real Les Paul, not a fake one.

I am not a good player. But it’s a lot of fun practicing.

NBA season started.
I missed the last episode of “Desperate Housewives” – ūüôĀ
I wonder what happened to Susan. 

I’ve been listening to Christmas music a lot.

I still eat very good. I eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day (Mon – Fri). I don’t eat red meat during the weekdays.

Now I weigh myself at 156lb in the morning. (Remember? I used to be 164lb last year). I stopped running, but I will start running again. I still can do 10 chin-ups easily.

We have a new employee at work. This young dude is so incredibly handsome. He looks like a Calvin Klein model. I am not kidding. He just came from Ukraine, so he even has this shy and humble personality with an accent. Girls will go crazy on him (and some guys).

Anyway…  really, not much going on. But it’s good.

I enjoy my coffee every morning. I go to sleep with a smile every night. I love my bed. 

24 hours a day, my life is being pampered by (semi) luxury items, made possible by Costco. I cannot afford a lot of items if there was no Costco. Or I’ll have to look everywhere for a special discount. I don’t have time for that.

Anyway, I’m here. Nothing’s going on.

I’ll keep in touch.

God bless everyone. Please take care. 

Sign of Getting Old
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A definite sign of getting old (and grumpy)

Have you seen this latest viral video on YouTube? (below)

It’s about Cedu Pacific Airline’s Flight Attendants dancing the emergency procedure.

This is the hottest video. It’s been viewed about 7 million times so far.

But I find this video FREAKIN’ annoying.
FREAKIN’ annoying… with a Capital “F”

I mean, it annoyed me so much that I had to write about it.

  • I try to take a trip somewhere. I sit down on the plane and hope nobody would bother me. And they blast crappy music in my ears. That’s FREAKIN’ annoying.
    • I will not rattle pots and pans by your ear. I will not whistle Yankee Doodle Dandy on the plane. You don’t blast crap in my ears. Deal? Sheesh~!
  • They go over the emergency procedures as a joke. So, what happens when something actually happens? Will people remember what to do?
  • About the girls and dancing? – Not cute.
  • And this is the hottest video? I would rather watch Dos Equis Beer commercial. 

Freakin’ annoying, I tells ya. I am old.


For that matter, I hate “Flash Mob” of any kind. People arrange time and place. They would go to public places such as the train station or supermarket. And, with a signal, all those people would “Freeze” (stop moving) for a minute or two. And that’s supposed to be an art. I find that extremely annoying.

“Hey, everyone, look at me. I’m in a public place and I am frozen. Look at us, we are not moving. It’s strange, huh? Are we human or robots? Look at us, we are different. We are unique. Please love us.”


My Burger Ritual (sign of getting old?)
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I’m not sure if this is qualified as a sign of getting old. This is something I never thought about when I was younger. I recently started to do this.

I like good burgers, but I don’t like it when my hand smells afterward. So, this is what I do.

I carry a plastic sandwich bag in my wallet. It’s so thin that it doesn’t don’t take any extra space in my wallet.

When I eat a burger, I strategically place the sandwich bag in the napkins so my hand will not smell like an onion afterward.


See the plastic sandwich bag?