Costco Shopping – August 13, 2021

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17th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $32.16 / $2200.78 this year

Tramontina Cast Iron Skillets

I’ll have to try the product, but they are from Costco. So, I have a high expectation.

A set of Tramontina’s 2-piece Cast Iron Skillets is $29.99 with free shipping at the Costco website. The set contains 10-inch & 12-inch skillets, both with removable grips. They are pre-seasoned. FYI: I have never seen an unseasoned cast-iron skillet being sold anywhere.

Delivered by UPS in 2 working days

The shipping is free. I thought that was amazing for 2 cast iron skillets.

To be honest, I ordered these skillets mainly because I wanted to look cool. I have seen people cooking with cast iron skillets before. And they always seemed cool and deep. So, I wanted to look cool, too. I will learn how to cook with these. I shall widen my repertoire in the kitchen. I will show you…

Cast iron skillets require special attention when cleaning. I need to avoid dishwashers, avoid soap, dry them quickly, and oil them.

Order date: August 13, 2021

Costo has an ongoing relationship with Tramontina. I purchased 7 pans in the above picture at Costco. All 6 round-shaped pans bear a Tramontina stamp on the bottom. The pot on the left is a Kirkland Signature. It was $1 at a garage sale. One dollar! I’ve been enjoying that pot for over 4 years now. God bless kind-hearted rich people.