Costco Shopping – December 28, 2020

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I have a high expectation for Kirkland Signature 680 thread count 6-piece sheet set (#1306090). After $20 manufacturer’s savings, these queen-size sets are $49.99 each. That’s a really good price. Just a fitted sheet in this quality can be over $100 at a department store, maybe $75 on sale. I need more time to try these, but they look and feel (super) high class. I am picky when it comes to bedding materials, and this 680 thread count cotton is silky smooth that they shine. If you are a flannel person you are missing out. These cotton sheets will improve (feel better, smoother) as you wash more. If you want to experience how rich people sleep, try these sheets – and put a fluffy down blanket on top.

Hampton Farms peanuts were not good. I had these peanuts last month and they were excellent. But this time they were bad. They are thin, dark, and bitter. Maybe November is a good month for peanuts, and not December. I will try again in November 2021.

Irish Spring soaps were on sale, but it was not on the coupon book. Although Costco always carries Irish Spring soaps, these soaps are not available on the Costco website (as of Jan 1, 2021). So, keep that in mind. If you go to the Costco warehouse, look around for staple items. Buy them if they are on sale.

Dishwashing scrubbers, toothbrushes, and razor blades are staple items. I already have enough of them to last a year. But, since they were on sale, I bought them and added them to long term storage. Now I’m good for 2+ years.

And there are two mystery supplements I bought, Focus Factor and Testosterone Support. I don’t know if they work or not. I take them because I am afraid I may lose my edge. They pay me big bucks for what I do at work. Many people spend hundreds of hours on big sales projects. It’s my job to take those projects, turn them into web pages, and publish them on the website (usually at midnight). I am the last in line for these projects, and I desperately need to maintain my focus. Maybe I don’t need any of these pills. Mm.. I’ll think about this later.

Coupon saved $62.30. Happy new year.