Costco Shopping Jan 3, 2018

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1st Costco shopping in 2018 – $87.27 (today) / $87.27 (this year)

I intrigued by Ocusight. It’s a eye/vision care supplement by Costco. My eyes are not too bad, but it’s been bothering me a little (detail skipped). I will keep you updated on my experience. 

Turkey Jerky is a treat for me for the weekend. Salad is for my lunch at work. The Box of chips should last about 6 months. I buy them because they are tasty AND they were on sale. I should not buy any more of these chips, because I want to live healthy and long. What’s the point of buying expensive vitamins when I keep eating bad food.

Instant coupons saved $17.70

That’s about it, boring… (Ah, forgot to buy minced garlic)

I cannot believe Christmas is over. Now I have nothing but work… working forever.