Costco Shopping – June 18, 2021

11th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $42.89 today / $1871.2 this year

I finally cleared out my front porch so I can enjoy sitting there. I installed an orange sunshade and even hung some phony-looking lights. The lawn furniture came with the house. I bought the baker’s shelf at a garage sale for $10. It still has a $20 sticker on it.

When I sit, I cover the chair with a Costco beach towel. The towel doesn’t cover the entire chair. I may have to buy a couple of extra-large beach towels. The cushion is also from Costco. I didn’t buy the lights from Costco because I wanted a solar-powered unit.

I thought, if I really want to enjoy sitting outside, I needed some kind of mosquito protection. So, I ordered a Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller (item #1256904 – no longer available at Costco, but Costco sells similar Thermacell products). This can be one of those products that I may never know if they work or not (just like Focus Factor, Fat burner, male energy booster… ). I may never know if the product works or if there are no mosquitoes at all. And I am hesitant to experiment with no protection.

So, I will use Thermacell Mosquito Repeller whenever I sit outside sipping cold drinks, watch TV, read a cookbook, play games.. My God, my life sounds good on paper.

I really enjoy my new front porch. It’s a whole new experience as a homeowner. It’s a satisfying feeling. It’s funny that I feel like smoking and drinking when I sit there, even though I don’t smoke and I rarely drink. The previous homeowner left their wrought iron headboard. I brought it out on the porch for decoration. I like how it looks there.

When I bought this house, I told the previous homeowner to leave all the unwanted items in the house. And they did. I still use their couch, kitchenware, coffee mug, furniture, lawn furniture, hardware, mirror, chair, etc, etc.