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      I recently purchased a whirlpool refrigerator from Costco and when it was delivered, it was damaged. When I called costco customer service to request a replacement, they said that the it is now out of stock and have no idea when it will be available. I bought it during a sale, and Costco would not guarantee me the sale price with the replacement unit, since it would be outside the sale date.
      This was a damaged item that they gave me, and now they refuse to honor the sale price when the replacement becomes available. All they are offering is a pickup and refund of price.
      They tell me I can reorder when in stock at regular price.
      I have been a Costco member for 25 years and this is how they treat a loyal member.
      WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!

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      Oh yeah, I would be disappointed if I don’t get my refrigerator. It’s a big purchase, and I had my heart set on it. It takes time to shop around for a refrigerator, and you probably need one ASAP.

      I can also see from Costco’s side. They don’t have any more to replace it for you. And they may not even know if they will ever have the same refrigerators in stock again. So, they issue a full refund.

      It sucks for everyone. Sorry to hear that.

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      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Costco. It’s frustrating when a loyal customer is treated this way. If you haven’t already, you might consider escalating the issue to a higher level of customer service or filing a formal complaint to address the sale price discrepancy and lack of stock issue.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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