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      Bought some <i>Fruit & Vegetable Juice Blend</i> by this Organic Life, from Costco a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good stuff, but there’s no more on the shelf, and I don’t see any online, or any online presence for the product.

      I type the SKU and item number in Costco search, and it comes up not existing.

      Fine print on the label lists it as dist by Food in you favor(tm), Marlton NJ … info@foodinyourfavor.net

      Any info?

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      The company doesn’t seem legit to me.
      The website is empty. Not just empty, but their website is a link farm, so they can make a few Dollars off clicks.

      Did you see their FaceBook page?

      I don’t know if I want to buy anything from them. They need to shape up.


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      Thanks for the reply, John.

      Seems like a good enough product that a genuine company should pick it up.

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