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      Just to let you know, most of my information is from Florida but we need to come together. I joined Price Club and still have my Price Costco card. I’m loyal but since Sinegal left many things have changed because it’s not about the members.
      My 1st gripe (of 2) is a company based in Washington state changed their containers in the fresh foods from a cardboard bottom with a plastic wrap, when possible, to solid hard plastic containers. We all know that so much of the plastic we recycle, in areas that recycle, ends up in 3rd world countries to use or deal with, mostly the latter. This has been bothering me since the change. It was to save employee hours….That’s another story!
      My 2nd gripe is that you soon won’t see any difference between Sams bakery (and probably other departments) because they are cutting many of the made from scratch bakery goods, again, to cut employee hours. In Florida they have discontinued Flan, Tres Leches cake, Key Lime Pie and the yummy cranberry walnut bread is now a packing mix. Soon more scratch breads are being dumped, 1st to go is the wheat. So far 8 products are being phased out and who knows when the rest will be just heat and eat. Sams does this now and their bakery sucks. If you don’t want to pay more just to shop at my beloved Costco, I feel we should put our collective feet down. Everything is changing to chase the almighty dollar, yen, pound, euro, etc. Costco has increasingly been making a profit in the fresh foods including the bakery which has taken forever and now change products those increases were born from? I’m sure most know that they make their money just from the memberships so why are we have offered less quality? Who knows what will be next??
      Let me know your thoughts.

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      Costco has smart people making wise business decisions. I think they are doing good job.

      Different Costco warehouses carry different products according to demographics. I believe Costco will sell Flan at certain locations if plenty of people buy them and make money for Costco. Everything changes, and Costco must adopt to changing demographics. It’s only a business.

      I am too ignorant to talk about paper or plastic packagings. I’m a little guy. I pay tax and follow rules. I know it sounds bad, and I am embarrassed about it. ūüôĀ

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