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      Update (October 6, 2012):  I’ve been using Vitamix every day (3 times a day) for 9 months now.  And I stay firm on my posting below.


      On this page, I will try to throw everything I know about Vitamix 5200.  This is my unbiased review, opinion, and comment on Vitamix 5200 (I purchased from Costco)

      I’ve been using Vitamix 5200 every day for over a month now.  My blog on shopping for Vitamix 5200 is located here.

      Vitamix 5200 – My typical mix (That’s Flex seeds in container).
      It was a little thick mix.

      Before I purchased Vitamix 5200, I made juice every weekdays for about 5 years.  I estimate I drank about 2400 juices last 5 years (2 juices a day x 5 years).

      Juicer Vs Vitamix 5200:
      I cannot think of anything bad about Vitamix.  Vitamix is superior to conventional juicer in every aspect.  It’s almost stupid to buy a juicer now that Vitamix is available in the market.

      • Vitamix is faster to operate – I even wake up little late in the morning because I spend less time using Vitamix compared to juicer.
      • Vitamix is faster to clean – You don’t take the blade apart from the container.  You just run Vitamix with tap water and rinse out the container.  You may hand scrub inside the container to get food particles off, but bottle brush will work the best.
      • Because of its convenience, I use Vitamix often – Before, I used to make juice every workday (5 times a week).  Now I use Vitamix 3 times a day.  Now I use it on weekend as well.  I use Vitamix about 17-19 times a week.
      • With the juicer, you throw away a lot of pulp.  Vitamix has no pulp to throw away, you drink all the pulp.  Therefore, you buy much less fruits and vegetables.  In my case, Vitamix will pay for itself in less than a year.  After that, I will save a few hundred Dollars every year.  Now I buy 5 Pounds bag of carrots instead of 25 Pound bag of horse carrots.
      • I have more room in my refrigerator – I no longer store 30-50lb of fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator.
      • Vitamix is more filling – It seems like you are drinking juice, but, in fact, you are eating about 2 servings of food.  So, you will get full immediately.  If you are trying to lose weight, Vitamix can be a game changer.
      • I enjoy this much benefit when I live alone.  So, if you have a family, Vitamix can save you thousand Dollars or more if you switch from conventional juicer.  And, my God, think about the health benefit for your loved ones.

      Personal Note:
      With a juicer, I used to make a big batch of juice every morning.  And I would drink them throughout the day. Sometimes I would drink a day old juice.

      With Vitamix, I have to make 1 serving of juice and drink it right away.  I will not let my juice sit for more than a few minutes because tiny bits of crushed grains will slowly expend.  My juice will slowly get thicker.  After a few hours, your juice may look like paste that you cannot drink it anymore.  I guess it has a lot to do with what you put in the mix.

      I don’t eat for taste during the weekdays.  Especially when it comes to my juice, I don’t sit down and critique about aroma, bouquet, or texture.  I just buy whatever the fruits and vegetables that’s on sale.   It takes less than 10 seconds to drink my juice, and I move on with my life.  It’s a hassle for me to custom design my mix for prefect taste.  I just don’t pay attention to the taste.  All in all, they taste OK however I make them.

      Owning a Vitamix or a gym membership doesn’t mean a thing if you are not motivated to use it.  If you are already living a healthy life, you don’t need Vitamix nor gym membership.  It’s all about living healthy.  In my case, Vitamix is helping me to consume extra 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables I would never eat otherwise.  I believe Vitamix 5200 is adding value to my life.

      I believe Vitamix 5200 is better than conventional juicers.

      I made very little money last month.  My last month paycheck didn’t cover my apartment rent.  But, I still bought Vitamix because it was my priority.

      Daily use of Vitamix 5200 should keep most people regular.  It’s a beautiful thing.

      Vitamix is good.  Buy it.  Buy from Costco road show if you can.  Buy it and use it.  Buy them for your loved ones and force them to use it.  If you know a better way to eat healthy (easy, simple, fast), please let me know.

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      Thanks, John for posting your review! Whenever the roadshow comes through I stop and check out the vitamix, I dont current juice but its something I want to start, its just that the pricetag intimidates me. Glad to hear youre enjoying it!

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