Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean Coffee

Peet’s Organic French Roast. Costco item #1471986 – Purchase price $11.49 (instant savings $4.50)

I slowly became a coffee snob in the past 13 years. I am picky about my coffee. I use 2 coffee grinders so I don’t mix flavors. I used to have 4 coffee grinders. I cannot enjoy Starbucks Coffee because I find it inferior to my taste. I like strong coffee that’s not acidic.

I favor whole bean coffee over ground coffee. I assume I get a better coffee experience if I grind the coffee beans just before I brew it. Whole bean coffee seems superior overall.

On my August 2021 Costco Shopping, I picked up a ground coffee by mistake. And I thought I would try it.

And you know what? This coffee is just as enjoyable. I cannot tell the difference. Maybe if I taste both whole bean coffee and ground coffee side-by-side, I will know the difference? But, this is not a competition. I enjoy this coffee a lot. And that concludes my experiment. Only the evil people go through a war to decide which coffee is 1% better than the other. And if you are hell bent on enjoying the coffee, that’s 1% better? More power to you. I used to be like you.

From this point, I will look at ground coffee and coffee beans as equal. If I see a (good) ground coffee on sale, I will buy it.

Peet's Ground Organic French Roast Coffee
This morning – August 30, 2021
Costco Coffee Pumpkin Spice
2008. My first coffee grinder and a pot – $15 for both.
I remember buying these at Riteaid. I was excited about grinding coffee for the first time – just like rich people (that’s what I thought).
Coffee Grinders
2013. I used to enjoy 4 varieties of coffee.
All 4 coffee grinders were from Costco