New Air Conditioner

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I did it. Now I have a central air conditioner, as rich people do.

I remember about ten years ago. The thermostat inside my apartment would pass the 100-degree mark… and it would stay up there for 3 days straight. Now I have a house with better insulation, but I didn’t have a central air conditioner. Last year alone, I spent about 40 days feeling miserable in the hot living room.

Finally, my suffering is over. I’ve been planning and saving for years for a central air conditioner.

But I feel strange. I feel a little empty inside now that this is done. I need to find another hobby, save for a convertible, or something. If I had a family of my own, I would not feel this weird after buying a dang air conditioner. I think living alone has a lot to do with my emotional ground. I now have nothing else to look forward to. I need to come up with something to keep me excited.

I am enjoying my new lifestyle. There is more life to live. More to come…