Paper Straws at Costco Food Court

I’ve heard about paper straws on news media, but this was the first time seeing them in person. As I was dressing my hot dog, I heard people talking about the paper straws. They were basically saying “Oh, paper straws”

The straw was narrower than the normal plastic straws that I am used to. I would prefer wider straws, but that’s an American gripe (one of the reasons why some people hate Americans). Paper straws are just fine. I enjoyed my hot dog.

After my hot dog lunch, I filled my soda cup with water and came back to work. I drank that water rest of the day using the same paper straw. The straw held up nicely.

Update (January 14, 2020): After reading some of the comments, I paid close attention to the straws on my next few visits to Costco food court. And I can tell you with no hesitation that I absolutely enjoy using these paper straws at Costco. Again, maybe it’s because I was poor all my life. Maybe I am just not sensitive to taste and smell. Whatever the reason may be, I am happy with these paper straws at Costco food court. But it is also important to hear from people who don’t like these straws. Because maybe I am the minority in this opinion poll.