Visiting Long Island, NY – And Costco


I visited Long Island, New York. Went to Costco, too, of course. Below is my show and tell.

Day 1 (Thursday)

I had almost no sleep. I woke up at 1 AM, took a shower, and drove to LAX by 4:00 AM. I flew to Baltimore first to change the plane. Baltimore was absolutely beautiful looking down from the sky. Baltimore airport was beautiful and inviting. I arrived at Long Island past 5 PM.

Day 2 (Friday)

We woke up at 3 am (12 AM in California time). At 6 AM we took a ferry ride to Connecticut. We went to Stamford to watch Maury Show!! Some of you know how much I enjoy Maury Show. It was a crazy good time. 

After Maury Show, we drove to Long Island (no ferry. We drove around) – I didn’t visit New York City. I was not interested in visiting a big city. Also, I was very tired.

Day 3 (Saturday)

We started the morning at Dunkin Donuts – then checked out garage sales. The air was cold. I saw ice on lawns. I found some silver jewelry and some vintage Maxwell House coffee mugs.

Then we went to Costco. The first thing I’ve noticed was the recycle kiosks by the front entrance (picture below). I didn’t buy anything at Costco. I just walked around and enjoyed looking at Christmas items on display.

We went to a fish and chips place for dinner.

Day 4 (Saturday)

I ate a bagel for breakfast and a slice of New York pizza for lunch.  4 days flew by fast. I had so much fun. I got dropped off at Long Island airport to start my journey back home.


It was an amazing experience. Now I am waiting to see myself on Maury Show. You ARE the father~!! Hahaha.