Why some people hate Americans. Shame on me

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Oh boy. This is why some people hate Americans. Shame on me.

I have a good diet, but I get a special craving once in a while – I need some serious eatin’. Once I ate 2-pound steak and won a t-shirt. And I set my own sushi eating record almost 10 years ago (Dec 16. 2008).

Last week, I went to an all-you-can-eat place. Below is a picture of what I ate. It was satisfying, and I felt no guilt. God bless America.

*I am 5’7″ 155lb. Sorry about poor pictures.  The restaurant was dark.

I think it started way back when I was growing up poor. I would visit my rich relatives once in a while and they would have unlimited food… good food. I remember how overwhelmed I was, and how committed I was to eat as much as I could.

Mm… maybe I think too much. I like to pig out once in a while. we all do.