Winter Clothes

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I like this fuzzy shirt. It’s cozy and warm. Actually, it’s a little too warm that I can only wear it when it’s very cold outside. It was only $11.99 with $3 Holiday Savings. The price will go up to $14.99 after November 16th. But $15 is still a super value. I am thinking about getting one more.

Last few weeks, I bought a few more Winter items at Costco. Winter (trail) boots were $23.99 after instant savings of $6. Insulated gloves were $16.99.

The boots are too cheap for my standard, and they smell of rubber (very little). But, It was $23.99, and they have leather tops. It’s a pretty good price for what they are. So, I bought a pair just to keep it. I may need them once or twice a year, but when I do, they will save my day. Because I didn’t have a single pair of Winter shoes (hiking boots).