Coffee Grinder Broken – 1 1/2 Years Old

I bought this Cuisinart coffee grinder on December 17, 2009 (at Costco) – Two Christmases ago.

This machine is broken.  It’s making different sound now.  And I smell something burning. Coffee is not coming out.

I used this machine almost every day for 16+ months. It has 18 months manufacturer warranty by Cuisinart.  I didn’t save the box.  But I have a scanned image of Costco receipt that I can print out.

Mm.. this is a hassle.  I’ll have to make an unplanned trip to Costco soon. 

Little things like this distract me such way that I cannot sleep well at night.  I am like that.   The fact that it has 18 months warranty AND I bought it 17 months ago makes me feel like I’m defusing an explosive device.  Does anyone empathize what I’m talking about?

I should juggle my plan and visit Costco ASAP. 


I went to Costco today on my lunch break.   They refunded without asking any question.  After receiving a refund, I looked for new coffee grinder to buy.  But they didn’t have any.  So now I only have 2 coffee grinders at home.


My Church Lied To Me

You know, my church lied to me for many years? 

They said men had one less rib than women.  Because of how God created Eve from Adam’s rib.

I mean, they’ve been telling me that for many many years.  And I believed that.  How can I not believe them when I trusted them with my life?

At that time, there was no Internet.

As I got older I realized that they’ve been lying to me. 

All religion is good and beautiful.  Innocent blind faith will not hurt anyone as long as they preach love and care.

But don’t lie to them.

This feeling of resentment still remains after 20-30 years.

Online Shopping – Geek Edition

I bought a power supply for my new computer.

It was $151, which was a very good deal.  Power supply of this quality easily go for $200.00.  I know, a lot of people spend $200.00 for entire computer.

My computer is highly customized.  It runs 6 hard drives, 2 monitors, and etc…

I was always worried that my current power supply was too weak.

I shall pick one day to take my computer apart and put this monster in.

Also, this power supply will keep my computer quieter.


Costco Shopping – April 16, 2011

Oh boy, look at this bad picture.

I like my new iPod Touch, but picture quality is horrible. 

What you don’t see in the picture are Shoe Rack & Vitamins.

SPAM will probably last over 1 year.

I bought precooked Bacon. They are pretty good.  I will buy them again.  But, sometimes, I like my bacon extra greasy with plenty of fat.

Coupons saved $30.50.  But, I still spent $181.37.

I had a hot-dog and a half slice of pizza before shopping.

I had a good time.

Bad design on men’s underwear. Why ???

This had been my complaint for about 20 years.  But, I couldn’t complaint to anyone because of nature of the topic.  This is about how some manufacturers design men’s underwear.

I couldn’t hold it to myself anymore.  I have to share this with you.  I would like manufacturers to read my post and fire the guy who came up with this God awful design.

It’s difficult for me to buy underwear that looks "Normal".  I just want a simple low-rise underwear that feels comfortable.  I do not want my underwear to bother me in anyway.  I wear my underwear inside out so the seams (stitching) will face outside.  I believe underwear are meant to be worn outside in.  I also wear tank-tops inside out for that reason (to avoid seams on shoulders).

But some manufacturers take extra effort to come up with bothersome features on men’s underwear.

Take a look at this (below).

I found these at ROSS.  They look lovely.  That’s exactly what I like.  But…

Look at the red circle.  Do you see the extra seam that’s stitched in?  Do you know how uncomfortable that is against men’s (ehem) skin?

They had absolutely no reason to put that extra stitch there.  No reason at all.  But, they had to put that there.  I don’t know what they were thinking.

Additionally, that particular area had extra layer of material so it will be durable.  In return, that will make men (ehem) extra warm with less air circulation.  Yikes…

This is truly an anti-male design.  If you are a girl and worry about your boyfriend cheating on you?  Buy these for your man.  It will FIX him.  Yikes…

Can I please have some underwear with no extra stuff built in?  Thankfully, there are plenty of normal underwear out there.  I just have to look for them harder.  Gag me with a spoon.

Hanes now makes underwear with no tags.  I applause Hanes for that.  I always cut the tags off as soon as I buy underwear & T-shirts.

This is NOT a photo of myself


Here’s an image from my past blog:  Tags, tags… (08/03/2009)