An Introduction to Shopping With Dave!

Hey Folks!

Let me start by saying a big, “Thank You!” to John for letting me take up some real estate on this great blog!

My name is David Somerville and I would like to introduce you to my Costco fan site called “Shopping With Dave”!

I fell in love with Costco when they opened up a warehouse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana back in 2014. I was cooking for a pack of teenagers at the time and those Kirkland frozen pizzas were a life saver!

I started the Shopping With Dave website when I realized that people had a LOT of questions about the products at Costco and answers were hard to find. People wanted to know things like:

  • How long does it take to heat up the water in the inflatable hot tub?
  • How many calories are in the ready to bake Chicken Alfredo meal?
  • How do you freeze the stuffed peppers?

I have had a blast researching the products Costco sells and figuring out fun recipes for things like their canned roast beef. I try to write useful posts that document my recipes and reviews and share them with the Costco community.

Our teenagers have turned into adults and recently flown the coop. We miss having them in our house and at our table. It also means that we now approach shopping at Costco quite differently as shopping for two is quite the change!

If you are interested in reading some reviews, want some recipe inspiration or have guidance to share on how to shop at Costco for two then please swing by Shopping With Dave and say hello!

Heck, if you are ever in Baton Rouge then let me know and I can buy you a hot dog!