America’s Got Talent: My favorite show to fast forward

I assume America’s Got Talent is a highly rated TV show. I don’t have a live TV package, and I don’t always subscribe to Hulu. I catch up on AGT whenever I activate Hulu, It’s a fun show.

AGT is the show that I fast forward the most. They put a minimum of 30 minutes of commercials in the 2-hour show. So, I squeeze the heck out of the fast-forward button. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to watch the entire 2-hour show.

Now, set the timer for 15 minutes…

  • I skip commercials, fillers, and background stories.
  • I skip bad acts that’s supposed to be funny.
  • I skip child acts – 5 years old kids doing Tango, etc..
  • I skip mind-reader acts. The guy who predicts everything. He knows what you are thinking, etc.. they are all the same.
  • I skip community choir groups. A bunch of people sharing love and singing. I guarantee Judges will love them, because NBC will not invite that many people just to X them out. But, I press FF as soon as I see a sea of people on the stage.
  • I skip musical acts made up of family members. (mother and son heavy metal band, husband and wife duet, etc… )
  • I skip ventriloquist acts.
  • I skip animal acts.
  • I skip any acts if the contestants are annoying from the get-go.
  • I skip hip hop dance groups.
  • I never watch the result show.
  • I don’t care to know who won.
Absolutely adorable. But, I skip child acts, too. Sorry.

I don’t know why I even watch AGT. But, sometimes I catch some super fun acts such as Shin Lim and Double Dragon. That’s my kind of entertainment.

America’s Got Talent is a fun show to watch for 15 minutes – thank God for the FF button.

Double Dragon