Costco Shopping – February 19, 2019

6th Costco shopping in 2019 – $22.76 (today) / $361.47 (this year)

Today marks the landmark event. I finally bought meat at Costco for the first time. I was always afraid(?) to buy meat at Costco, because Costco meats were too fancy for my lifestyle.

I’ve been buying meats from local supermarkets only when they had special sales going on. Today, I had a huge craving for some stew. I couldn’t wait for stew meat on sale… so I thought ‘Why not buy from Costco?’

I did it! I am not afraid of Costco meat anymore

Costco Citi Visa Reward Certificate

If you have issues with your reward certificate, I recommend you to ask Citi Visa directly via website. Use their Live Chat. Let us know how it went. Good luck.

I just received a Costco City Visa reward certificate amount of $358.14 in the email. I recently switched my monthly statements to paperless. This is the first time receiving certificate in email. I have been always receiving these checks (certificates) in paper via US Postal Service.

I am guessing they will send paper copy of certificate to those who receive paper statements (?). That’s my educated guess.

Again – You may receive your certificate on your own schedule. I happen to receive them usually in February.

Costco Citi Visa Reward Certificate 2019
At Costco – Forever Stamps at old price until Feb 17, 2019

On January 27, 2019, the price of USPS’ first class (also forever) stamp went up 5 Cents to 55 Cents each. Now, a roll of 100 stamps will cost you $5 more.

Don’t feel bummed out if you heard the news too late. You still have a chance to buy 100 forever stamps at old price of $49.75 at Costco. You have until February 17, 2019.

After February 17, 2019, you will pay $5 more.

Sorry about bad picture

USPS Postage stamps price increases effective Jan 27, 2019.

Don’t delay, purchase at current member prices in Costco locations through Feb 17, 2019.

Costco Take and Bake Pizza for Single Living

I get craving for pizza once in a while. I would like to enjoy pizza late Saturday night, or when I’m home alone feeling cozy. But, I live alone, so I need a little planning to enjoy pizza.

Pizza is family oriented food. Going to a pizza restaurant alone is not only depressing, but it’s too expensive. I don’t want to have a pizza delivered to my house and ended up with massive amount of leftover. That’s also too expensive. In both cases, just a tip alone will buy me 2-3 slices of Costco pizza.

So, this is what I do. I buy Costco’s Take and Bake pizza, slice them up, and freeze them. They last many months in the freezer. I enjoy pizza whenever I have a craving for it, and they will cost me $1.50 each slice. I can top it off with whatever I want. Since I enjoy my kitchen, baking pizza when I’m home alone is absolute joy. It’s the most economical way for a single person to enjoy good pizza. There are cheaper pizza out there (Dollar store). But…

It’s the Costco way. You enjoy good stuff cheap. You just have to buy in bulk.

Preparing Costco pizza for long term, single serving, storage

  • Take pepperoni off the pizza
  • Cut pizza into 6 slices
  • Put pepperonis back on (6 slices each)
  • Wrap each slice with Kirkland Signature Stretch-Tite Plastic Food Wrap.
  • Put them in ziploc freezer bags.

** Costco’s take and bake pepperoni pizza has 36 slices of pepperoni

I broke my pizza cutter and I may never buy another pizza cutter again. I cut pizza maybe once a year. And there are plenty of people, including professionals, using kitchen sheers to cut pizza.

Can I get a yum~!!??

Costco Shopping – January 30, 2019

3rd Costco shopping in 2019 – $32.25 (today) / $249.00 (this year)

Chips, sala, and aidells meat balls are for Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t follow football. Especially after football became too political, I refuse to watch it. I don’t know a single artist who will be performing at the half-time show. They are talented people, I am pretty sure. I just don’t care to know them. I am old. Just let me be.

And.. Holy cow! I didn’t know Los Angeles had a football team… 2 of them.

To me, Super Bowl Sunday is just an excuse to eat a lot of food and pretend.

I put the bag of spinach in the freezer as soon as I take it home. This way, spinach will last fresh for a long time. I use it to make Vitamix juice. I can also cook with it. When thawed, it will immediately become soggy, so you cannot use it for salad.

2 Jackets from Goodwill Store

A week ago, I found a brand new Ralph Lauren jacket at a Goodwill store for $11. It’s a beautiful herringbone (fabric pattern) wool jacket that’s almost a perfect fit (sleeves are 1/2 inch too long). It has a few (moth) holes. I will try to fix it with Fuse It Powder.

Last night, I bought a vintage British coat in classy puppytooth pattern for $17. It was missing a liner, but it’s OK. I like this coat a lot. The sleeves are too long. I need to hem them.

The jacket I liked the most was a nice Burberrys jacket that fitted me perfectly. But it was $47. $47 is still a very good price, but… at a Goodwill store? I shall go back next week to check it out again.

Herringbone fabric pattern
Herringbone pattern. Moth holes
Puppytooth fabric pattern
Classy Puppytooth pattern
Cable Price is Insulting

I am currently a Frontier FiOS customer. Look below at my cable/internet/phone price. See how it increased from $149.57 to $194.29 in 12 months. I didn’t add any services, and yet, price went up $44.72 in 12 months. If this is not getting screwed I don’t know what is.

When I first joined Verizon about 10 years ago, my special discount price was about $125/mo. After 2 years of price lock-down they started to jack up the price on me. I kept calling them to lock down low price but they would only give me higher price than before. And they kept raising the price as if they are testing my limit. And I am finally seeing my limit.

This is it. I refuse to pay more than $150/mo on cable/internet/phone service. $150/mo is $1800 a year. That’s a lot of money. A lot of people don’t take home $1800 a month. $150 is what I pay for electric, gas, water, and trash collection combined.

Most people I know pay more than $150 on cable TV bundle. Those most people make less money than I do. That’s another topic and I will not go there.

Tomorrow I am switching to Spectrum. I will be paying $117/mo for next 12 month. So, I will save $927 in next 12 months. After 12 months, they will increase the price to $142/mo. I will still save $627.48 a year compared to my current provider, but I will try to lower the price, and hopefully lock down the price for a long term. I may switch provider again, or I will drop cable TV altogether. Whatever it may be, I will not spend $1800 a year on TV/Internet/Phone.

I absolutely hate cable companies for jerking us around with insane price and rate increases. I am this close to drop cable TV altogether. They can kiss my ass.

Costco Macaroni and Cheese

Oh! There is a total Lunar eclipse taking place tonight, January 20, 2019. Check your local schedule. In California, time for the maximum eclipse is 9:12 PM Sunday night. It may be too cloudy. We’ll see.

27 Pound bucket of Macaroni and Cheese at Costco

I don’t understand why news media is buzzing is about Costco’s 27 pound bucket of Macaroni and Cheese with 20 years shelf life. Currently sold out buckets contain 6 units of 4 pound packs. So… what’s the big deal? We are Americans. We drink wine out of boxes and buy ice creams in big buckets. 4 pound packs of macaroni and cheese don’t shock me at all, especially for long term storage and emergency use… especially for Costco. I found media reaction little annoying.

Government is shut down and people are losing homes… and we gasp about a bucket of Mac and Cheese…

How Kirkland Signature powers Costco’s success

Last year, it raked in nearly $40 billion, an 11% increase from 2017. That’s more than JCPenney and Macy’s combined. Kirkland’s sales also beat out Campbell Soup, Kellogg, and Hershey put together.

Kirkland, which Costco sells for at least 20% cheaper than national brands at its warehouses, helps the club keep prices low even on the products it doesn’t make.

Read more at CNN Business (Warning – this page plays video automatically, lower the volume before click.)