Back to work / Song of the Month

My song of the month
Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso – Sorte

There are some leftover candies at work, but we are now back in full working mode.  2017 was a relaxing year for me, except it ended with a bang (the car accident)

I came to work and got my morning coffee. I set at my desk and played my favorite song of the month. Then I looked at the other side of my cubicle. The wall looked beautiful with morning sunlight. I can see the shapes of leaves from a tree outside. It’s hard to describe, but that moment was personal and enjoyable. It felt like my whole life story was painted on that wall.

‘Life isn’t that bad’ I smiled as I sipped coffee.

Song of the month:

Gal Costa is one of my favorite singers. She’s in her mid-70s. She’s still alive!! She and her duet singer Caetano Veloso are legends in Brazil and Latin music.

She sings in Portuguese and I don’t understand a word she says, but I love this song so much it makes me want to cry. It’s just so beautiful.

If you liked the song, watch this video. It’s cute. It’s the same song live from 1985.