Costco Next

Costco Next ( is an official Costco members-only shopping concept where you get to shop directly from Costco’s partnered vendors.

I assume this is an early phase of the project. There are currently about 50 vendors, and the page layout seems temporary to me. Let’s see if this idea will stick.

They DO have good prices (I think). But, below is my opinion as a savvy shopper. So, don’t read below, really.

I checked out a few stores, and they did not impress me (as a savvy shopper).

I visited Dearforms store. I saw below prices on men’s fuzzy slippers. Their prices ranged from $40 to $60. Maybe they are OK prices, but they don’t strike me as “Costco deals”. Because I can go to Amazon and find the same pair at the same price, some cheaper, and get free shipping as well. (FYI: Amazon has their own fuzzy slippers for $22).

As a savvy shopper, I would like to see a decent pair of fuzzy slippers for $10-$15. Maybe I’ll take a pair for $20 with free shipping. Or they should ship to my local Costco warehouse for free.

Now, below is a pair of Deerforms slippers I bought at Costco in 2018. I paid $9.99. I assume what they sold at Costco were cheaper versions of their in-store slippers. But, $9.99 was a Costco deal. I still own that pair. Dearforms offer free shipping on orders over $45 – so, sucks for you if you buy that $44.99 pair in the middle.

Next, I visited the Invicta store – they only had 4 watches listed. 3 of them were the “Venom” series. Below are two examples. These are huge 51mm watches. We know Invicta for their big fashion watches, door-knobs, as they call them – and you are seeing the door knobs below. Their prices are lower than the street price of $245.

I doubt they will list Pro Diver watches here (their popular model).

To give you a better idea, check out the YouTube video below. This may not be the EXACT watch, but it’s the same model. These watches are for big men or possibly for rappers(?).

I was hoping to see some dress watches at Costco Next.

Anyway, check out