Costco out of multi grain bread


* This blog was originally written in May 2008. The blog came back to life recently (September 2017) because of the recent outage of the bread. If history repeats itself, the bread will come back to your location. Maybe it has something to do with recent weather events we’ve experienced. We shall see.

Costco is out of Kirkland Signature Multi-grain Bread. This is my favorite bread. 

Not all “whole-grain breads” are created equal. You can have a pinch of whole grain in a loaf of bread and call it “Whole Grain Bread”. Kirkland Signature’s bread is 100% whole grain.

Forget All-Bran Cereal’s 10-day challenge (video below). A couple of slices of this bread will make you regular.

Kirkland Signature multigrain bread

The bread was not available on May 5, 2008. One of the Costco employees said something about the grain supply that we may not have Kirkland Bread for few weeks.

All-Bran Cereal’s 10-day challenge