Costco Shopping – April 16, 2021

8th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $17.31 today / $1497.79 this year

I went to Costco for a hot dog lunch. I had nothing on my shopping list.

Duke’s Original Recipe Smoked Shorty Sausages is enjoyable. It has a classic (typical?) smoky taste. I love salty meat treats like these, but I can’t eat these too often, mainly because of the salt content. Don’t get old.

I used self-service checkout, so it printed my receipt on a blue ribbon.

After quick shopping, I ate a hot dog in the back of my station wagon. I saw other cars and trucks nearby, eating their hot dogs and pizzas. This is why I went to Costco today, to enjoy this lazy moment in the Costco parking lot. I live for little moments like this. Most people living alone should understand.