Costco Shopping – April 8, 2021

7th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $62.24 today / $1480.48 this year

I wanted to drive my convertible, so I went to Costco after work. I recently bought a car battery a few weeks ago. Today I turned in my old car battery and received $15 back in cash.

The season for Costco Garden Products

Costco still stocks garden products such as water hose, Ortho weed killer that also kills crabgrass but doesn’t kill your lawn, and slug bait. You should hurry before they are gone. They are all excellent value; I mean the best price. I picked up a 5lb jug of slug bait. I had blind faith that $27.99 was the best price I can find anywhere. I came home and check the price online to confirm that my guess was right.

Kirkland Signature Bath Mat

Since the water damage to my house 13 months ago, I needed a bathroom rug for my guest bathroom. I waited 13 months because good bathroom rugs are expensive. Today, I finally found a Kirkland Signature bath mat. It was only $9.99, and it was beautiful. Their quality easily equals $30-$50 mat from elsewhere. Most bath rugs are one-sided, and their rubberized bottom side mash will break apart after a few years. So, you will have no choice but to buy a new rug. These Kirkland Signature Bath Mat are double-sided and high in quality. I don’t think they will ever break apart. I really think I will use this one until I die.

I took some detailed pictures so you can appreciate the quality of it.

Notice the blue color on the receipt. I used the self-checkout system for the first time. I believe they use blue paper on self-checkout machines. I think I still get the white paper if I use a conventional checkout. And, of course, the food court will give you the yellow receipts.

After the shopping, I bought a hotdog. Then I parked my car in the corner of the parking lot where nobody will accost me (just in case) and enjoyed the hot dog.