Costco Shopping – November 30, 2012

* Reminder: Not a single item here was an impulse buy.  I always have a shopping list. I may look like I buy whatever I see at Costco in bulk. But, I make my purchases after careful considerations and calculations. I do save money in long run.  Also, there is "Time is Money" factor.

It was a good shopping.  But I spent too much time shopping tonight that, when I went to the food court, they were out of hotdogs.  I was very disappointed.  My heart was set on Costco hotdog.  Also, it was going to be my dinner. 🙁

Kirkland Signature’s Energy Shots are luxury items.  At the same time, I really need them time to time.  These energy shots really work.  When it’s around 2-3pm, and I have x amount of work to do?  it makes sense to drink one shot (73 Cents) and get the job done.  A shot of 5 Hour Energy is around $2.50.  That’s a big price difference. 

Just be careful with these energy shots.  I believe over-using these energy shots can be dangerous, even fatal.  I usually take less than a full shot at a time.

I have decided not to decorate outside of my house for Christmas this year (no money).  But, I am going to decorate my living room just a little.

This Costco Christmas Wreath is big.  Check out the picture below.  The wreath is almost as big as the shopping cart that it looks like a trick photography.  They are not made out of live plant.  I hope to use it for many years to come.  It was $34.99.

Picture of my living room is below.