December 2021 Catch Up

I don’t feel sentimental about reaching the end of the year. I am very busy at work. I don’t have time to pause and look back. My visitors know I enjoy every day of my life in my own boring way. Life is good when you are alive and not too close to death. Let me put this in a mathematical equation below…

Younger = Better

I work for a multi-billion dollar retail industry. We sell. So I am busy during the holiday season. It gets stressful, but it’s not too bad. I just don’t have time for my blog.

So, again, I will throw in a quick chit-chat to keep my blog fresh. I will stay true to myself and talk about some boring stuff.

First, this was how it looked on Christmas day. I tried to fix my Christmas lights (garland)… and Christmas was over. See how sad that looks? I never got to fix that garland. I’ll have to buy a new one next year. This Christmas came fast as usual, but this year I made some Christmas memories.

Below is a picture of my medicine cabinet in the master bathroom.

  • I always keep acne pads. I rarely get pimples, but when I need it, I need it ASAP.
  • I use sand timer every day when I use mouthwash. (1 minute)
  • I use soap and brush when I shave, but only on weekend. The pink baby cup holds the shaving soap. I bought that cup at my female coworker’s garage sale. I was looking for a cup for my shaving soap. And it works perfectly. Then I realized that… She must think I’m creepy that I bought the cup that she used when she was a baby. It is weird. What was I thinking??
  • I use some fancy hair care products. After Party hair milk makes my hair silky. I use Aveda jell if I want my hair extra curly. I rarely use those products now that I work from home.
  • TheraBreath is my go-to mouthwash. I always worry that I may have bath breath and not aware of it. So, I use a fancy mouthwash every morning.
  • The deodorant is unscented. You know I am particular about smell & fragrances.
  • Aftershave lotion is almost unscented.
  • I never use the dentist picks.


  • I currently pay $6.99/Mo for television services. And I invested $24k in 401K & HSA this year.
  • I am 163 pounds now. Somebody send me some diet pills.

I am here and doing well. I am just busy. I will keep in touch. Happy new year~!!