Extreme Saving – Paying myself first

Many of you know I was poor all my life. I desperately needed to save for retirement, but I had absolutely nothing saved. Fortunately, my new job offered a retirement plan. I started late, so saving for retirement is important to me, especially because I live alone – and likely to die alone.

2020 has been a scary and unstable year. I was hit hard financially (long story skipped). Things are now looking semi-normal. So, I assessed my financial situation and made the needed adjustments for 2020. My plan is extreme. But I am going for it.

It’s September now. For the next 4 months (the rest of the year) I will receive 8 paychecks. For that 8 paychecks, I am investing 50% to 401K. This will put me back on my retirement track. After investing 50%, I will take home 33% of my paychecks. This is extreme. It looks like this.

I am paying a less amount of tax because I am paying tax from 50% of my paycheck. That’s another benefit of 401k. You pay less tax.

This is an unrealistic reduction of take-home pay. But I had to try this. I will make a game out of it. I will make it a personal challenge. It doesn’t matter how I do it. I will survive the next 4 months with less cash. This is for my retirement. I imagine myself 30-40 years older, possibly immobile, and still living alone. I am giving him my money. Hence paying me first.

I am lucky that I’m healthy and have a steady income. There are millions of us without income and/or cannot pay rent. I know how it is to be poor. But this pandemic is different. It’s scary to imagine what’s happening to them.

For now, I will survive the next 4 months. I shall take it day by day. I will cut down on everything. There will be no more Sunday coffee and no more online shopping. My Costco shopping will look sad for the next 4 months.

Today is September 10, 2020. So, 10 days down – 113 more days to go.

Please take care. I will talk to you soon.